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The Color Blew on Their Musical Evolution and the Emotional Journey Behind 'Discount Hearts'

Behind the Music: The Color Blew Talks Evolution and New Single 'Discount Hearts'

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The Color Blew delves into their musical evolution, creative process, and the inspiration behind their new single, 'Discount Hearts.'

By Underground Press

Published Tuesday, 02 July 2024 09:54

As one of South Africa's most dynamic indie alternative rock bands, The Color Blew has captivated audiences with their profound lyrics, energetic performances, and unwavering authenticity. Since their formation in 2014, the band has continued to push the boundaries of their genre, blending elements of grunge, punk, jazz, and African beats into their unique sound. With their new single ‘Discount Hearts’ set to release on July 5, 2024, we caught up with the band to discuss their journey, creative process, and what fans can expect from their latest work.

The Color Blew has been a noteworthy presence in the South African music scene for a decade now. Can you tell us how the band was formed and the inspiration behind your name?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton):

"I met Armando and Marius way back in 2012 when we were all involved in different projects. We ended up making music together in 2014. One late night after rehearsal we spontaneously decided on the name after I suggested it, Armando suggested the different spelling and boom … we were called The Color Blew. Timothy joined in 2015, we played a show together in Kroonstad and it just made sense that he should create with us. Nearly a decade, two full-length albums and 5 singles later here we are."

Your music blends a variety of genres, from grunge to African beats. How do you approach integrating these diverse influences into your sound?

The Color Blew (Timothy Lotter):

"Being that we have such a diverse blend of musical influences we naturally incorporate different aspects of different genres when writing but always maintain our core sound when playing any style and we're always trying to push our own boundaries musically and explore new and different sounds."

‘Discount Hearts’ explores themes of self-worth and emotional turmoil. What inspired you to write this song, and what message do you hope listeners take away from it?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton):

"Creatively this song is part of our new cycle of songs, which we kicked off with “Love in Space” last year. It’s a different era for us where we immensely enjoyed writing these songs as jams that evolved into moments captured as songs. I think the song is yet again a raw moment reflecting our fragile humanity and basic craving for mutual acceptance and affection."

You mention that ‘Discount Hearts’ reflects private moments. Can you share more about the songwriting process for ‘Discount Hearts’ and how it came together in the studio?

The Color Blew (Timothy Lotter):

"Every song begins as a spontaneous jam which can stem from how any of us are feeling on any given night. So depending on how it begins every member has the room to inject whatever style or vibe they feel will fit best without any strict ideas of genre in mind and the song began with the driving bass line and gradually grew and got shaped into what it is now."

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton):

"The specific moment that relates to this song is a rush of emotion fuelled by the backbeat and what it made me feel while in the studio with the band playing it. It was dangerous, exciting and sad all at once… it had to be a song and it had to be this song. It was a movie I saw in my head in a split second I saw it flash by and tried to hang on to the words."

Your debut album 'The Canvas' and your sophomore release 'Light Switch' both received critical acclaim. How do you feel your music has evolved since those early releases?

The Color Blew (Timothy Lotter):

"Recently we have put sincerity at the forefront of our music and gone in a simpler, more emotionally heavy direction. Placing more emphasis on the songs as a whole rather than just the sum of their parts. As much as it's been a journey of music it's been a journey of us as friends and brothers. Through our experiences of gigging, touring, getting through the pandemic, as well as our own personal endeavours, we collectively arrived where we are now and this chapter is us, sharing our journey through our music."

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton):

"I think as people we grew and changed, that is the natural order of things and as such you stagnate or evolve… we don’t like stagnation and we like reading the next chapter. Every song is a time capsule of the specific moment it was meant to capture and that is the order of things."

The band's dedication to producing music in your private studio in Springs shows a deep commitment to your craft. How does this environment influence your creative process?

The Color Blew (Timothy Lotter):

"Being from a small town exposes one to a different and brutally honest side of life which I think comes through in the music's raw aesthetic and some of the intense themes that we touch on because life in Springs is exactly that."

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton):

"We worked hard to get ourselves into this position where we can create art at the highest level and produce, record, release without distraction. I really think its something, especially in today’s environment, all artist must aspire to. You cannot simply do one thing you have to put the work in and give yourself the opportunity to do well."

In 2022, you covered Queen and David Bowie's ‘Under Pressure’ which was well-received. What was it like to reinterpret such a legendary song, and what challenges did you face?

The Color Blew (Timothy Lotter):

"Probably the most difficult thing was striking a balance between remaining true to and doing justice to the original whilst offering our own interpretation and still sounding like us."

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton):

"This was a big one for me, because I was really scared I would be ripped to pieces for even attempting to sing this song … but I think we did it justice and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Your music often carries profound and introspective lyrics. Who are some of your literary or musical influences when it comes to lyric writing?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton):

"Growing up I read as much as I possibly could, I obsessed over older bands and musicians who were largely introduced to me by my dad. I promised myself at a young age I would never be that guy who just writes for the sake of writing … it’s a spiritual moment for me conjuring up lyrics from images and colours that surround the music … if that changes its over for me."

Touring and live performances are a big part of your identity. How do you prepare for a tour, and what do you enjoy most about connecting with your audience in person?

The Color Blew (Timothy Lotter):

"When preparing for any live shows we will rehearse and refine a specific set so that we can perform it as perfectly as possible while still throwing down as hard as we can and hearing a crowd sing your music back to you is probably the most rewarding feeling any band can experience."

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton):

"I think going out on any stage deserves your full attention … we are real, and we leave it all out on stage. I want to be exhausted after every performance, then I know I was real and showed the people who came out to see us the respect they deserve as fans."

As you release ‘Discount Hearts’ and look forward to future projects, what are your aspirations for The Color Blew in the coming years?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton):

"We are laser focused on releasing music and content regularly over the next couple of years, the world of music has changed and us along with it I would like to think. I want us to connect in ways not possible before with our audience, we can invite them into our lives and share the creation process more openly … that is the goal for me in future."

The Color Blew (Timothy Lotter):

"We will be releasing a music video for ‘Discount Hearts’ and expect to release two more singles before the year is out!"

Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us. We eagerly anticipate the release of ‘Discount Hearts’ and look forward to seeing what’s next for the band. To our readers, be sure to follow The Color Blew on social media and stream their new single on all platforms starting July 5, 2024. Stay tuned for more updates and music from this incredible band!

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The Color Blew are a four-piece outfit based in the East Rand of Gauteng. The band joined forces in 2014, bringing together a total of over 65 years of experience.
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