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Up the Creek Q and A with Hard Rock Band Stoker

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We sat down with Cape Town-band, Stoker, to discuss their highlights as a band, their first experience at Up The Creek, and what to look forward to at this year's Up The Creek.

By Liny Kruger

Published Friday, 25 January 2019 13:12

What were the highlights for you as a band in 2018?

After the release of our first full-length album in 2017, we went on a long run of club and festival shows, and we set out to play as many shows as we possibly could in support of the release. And although we played some big festivals and shows in 2018 we really wanted to take the year to write our second album (which we’ll be recording in March of this year) and we grew so much as a band from taking the time to write and craft the material and not just rush into it. We can’t wait to hit the studio and record all these songs!

What was your experience of Up the Creek when you first played there?

Our first Up The Creek was in 2014, and we had an absolute blast of a time. Main Stage at 19:00 on a Thursday. Apart from the awesome crowd interaction, we were blown away by the quality of the production and sound. We really didn’t want that set to end!

What can fans expect from your 2019 set at Up the Creek?

We are working hard to really play as many new material as possible and as it will be our first live performance of the year, you can expect an overflow of energy and veracity in our set. [sic]

How does your songwriting process work?

The writing process comes incredibly natural to us. As we are two sets of brothers, the musical chemistry sometimes scares us. LoL. But we’ll usually start with a guitar part that either Redge or Chris brings to the session. We’ll then work on the drum bass parts and finally the vocals. The structures change a lot once we start bringing in the vocal melodies but we have so much to find crafting a song and we don’t mind if it takes a whole week to get it to the T.

Sum each bandmember up in 3 words?

Morgan - Groovy, Slick, Precision II Redge - Solid, Power, Overdrive II Chris - Tantalizing, Melodic, Fierce II Borrie - Party, Boogey, Tight
What is the most entertaining thing that has ever happened to you on tour?

We were once labelled as “Stroker” on a poster outside a venue, and instead of correcting them, we just went along with the shtick for the night. HAHA!

Name some essential items that you will be taking to Up the Creek.

Speedos, waterproof guitars, not Crocs.

Can you write a short limerick/rhyme for Up the Creek?

There once was a boy at the Creek, who almost stayed there for a week. Hungover and peeling, but full of good feeling, he’s always gone back to the Creek.

What are you looking forward to, as a band for 2019?

As mentioned earlier, we are recording another full-length album this year and we are really looking forward to getting to play our new songs to all the Rock ’n Roll darlings across the country.

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About Stoker

Stoker is a hard rock band from Cape Town consisting of two sets of brothers from two rural country towns in the Western Cape. The current lineup was established in 2013 when Redge and Morgan O'Kennedy (drums) joined Chris and Jurgen Bornman (bass), the latter two having originally started as a three-piece with drummer Joe Theron. While establishing themselves on the local live scene over the next year, the band recorded their debut EP, Fox in a Hole, in 2014. After several single releases during 2016, they released their eponymous full-length album in early 2017 to local critical acclaim.


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