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Exclusive Interview With Christian Heath

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South African, radio charting recording artist, Christian Heath recently released his first original single of 2020 'Fight for Lov' so we caught up with him to see what he fights or loves.

By Liny Kruger

Published Thursday, 28 May 2020 09:06

Our exclusive Fight or Love Interview with Christian Heath:

On a date with a girl, and she wants to pay for the bill. Fight it or Love it?

Fight. I’m a traditional man

Someone organises a surprise birthday for you…

Love.  That’s super thoughtful!

Long road trip and the driver sings every song…

Haha, I would fight that. It would annoy me.

Socialising at the gym…

Love that, that’s killer.

South African weather…

Love. It’s incredibly beautiful weather

Pineapple on pizza…

LOVE! Hawaiian is my favourite. 

Some asking for a picture while you’re at dinner with your wife…

Love. She’s super supportive of my fans. 

Staying to socialise and party at the gig after your performance…

Fight. Performing takes quite a lot of energy so it's great to be able to relax afterwards.

People requesting songs while you’re performing live…

Fight. As musicians, we put a lot of effort into our sets. 

Social Media on the weekends…

Love it! Always love engaging with everyone. 

There you have it! If you ever see Christian out with his wife, don’t be shy to interrupt his Hawaiian pizza dinner date (that he’s paying for of course) and ask for a pic!

Christian Heath’s 'Fight For Love' is a part 1 modern rock ballad, of a 4 part concept series and is a powerful, anthemic rock ballad that is a return to Christian's rock roots, with a new modern edge. 

The lyrics express a story about love and fighting for it. Whether it be love for another person, love for your dreams and passions, or love for what you believe in.

Christian Heath is also inviting his fans to play a part in his music video for “Fight For Love”. Head over to his social media to find out how YOU can be apart of something special during the lockdown. 


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Christian Heath

Christian Heath

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About Christian Heath

ince the split of his long-time rock outfit The Christian Heath Band (aka Nova Rise) in 2015, South African singer/songwriter Christian Heath has emerged as one of his homeland’s most popular solo artists. Sharing the more heartfelt side of his artistry, a strong inspiring faith in himself and new dimensions of his formidable vocals, the multi-talented singer-songwriter has tapped into his passions for pop, soul and Latin music to become a non-stop radio hit machine and in demand festival performer. Christian makes his highly anticipated U.S. debut with the release of the EP One – a collection of his popular radio hits and his new single, a powerful global anthem for peace entitled “One (A World Song).”


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