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INTERVIEW: The Sun Xa Experiement

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The Sun is Out! Cape Town are you ready?! Sun Xa has landed and they're about to take you on some seriously beautiful ancestral musical journeying, starting at 7 pm tonight, don't miss them at Jägermeister's Up the Creek 2019! 

By Emma Kelly

Published Friday, 08 February 2019 13:44

The Sun Xa Experiment began in 2014 and its meaning simply means "the Sun is Out."  Combining a fusion of world music with ritual dance and a mixture of IsiZulu, Sesuthu and English languages, the philosophy of Sun Xa is to use music as a means of healing.  

This weekend sees the launch of their much-anticipated tour on the shores of Capetown.  Sun Xa is super excited and amped to be (in their own words) "presenting our music outfit and engaging with new people, sharing some healing on stage. The journey starts tonight at Jägermeister's Up The Creek 2019, followed by "Psych Night & Vans present: The Mauskovic Dance Band & Sun Xa". Then into the whole tour,  independently programmed and curated by Digging thoughts and Camilla Rose Coutts (aka Cami Scoundrel) with outstanding back up by Jägermeister, who have played a bright role in making sure we execute this amazing tour".

No new kids on the block, Sun Xa Experiment have been exploring and honing their craft for quite some time, and with some ancestral guidance and fine-tuning,  they're manifesting and achieving their objective and same-titled upcoming album "Umculo Umuthi" (Music Is Medicine). 

Sun Xa's Music aims for healing and uplifting, with the goal of playing stages throughout the country, from festivals to remote stages that are not commercially known. Sun Xa are researchers, creatives, conductors and educators through life and that is heard in the lyrics and the movement on stage.  The tour is going to be a whirlwind of great experience and music as the band will also be playing more music from their rich catalogue during the tour to alternate the venues. 

Where are you all from, and how did each member come to be a part of Sun Xa?

Sun Xa Experiment is a 7 piece spiritual engagement band that hails from Soweto and some parts of KZN, born in the hearts of 7 gifted people on stage and a team of well-nurtured creatives.  Each member came into the band through the good energy attraction as the years went by, everyone who is part of the band was meant to be.

Can you describe your music-making process processes?

Our Music creation process relies on synchronicity and understanding during the jam in our rehearsal spot and from an improv song good music comes out. SO it is a spiritual thing.

Favourite memories/gig so far?

Travelling as a team and seeing different beautiful places and people in our country, those are the memories we created ourselves. Favourite gigs so far we have not much as we respect all the events and festivals that book us and we give them all a hundred percent of our energy on stage.

Thoughts on the music scene in your current city? South Africa? How can it improve?

Our thoughts are simple, unite and conquer, that's all we need as bands within our respective cities, not going against each other as to who is the best, but uniting to build ourselves a solid self-run industry, as the current is on its tipping point.

Any pearls of wisdom for someone wanting to pursue music as a career?  

Fight on, stick to your plans no matter what happens, Do not let go even when it breaks you, find another way at all times!

What are your thoughts and aspirations for the future, for both South Africa and globally?

To be a portal of healing and connecting people through what we do and to of course grow it to not its max but beyond. Global thoughts to bring the globe home, eventually.

What's next for Sun Xa?

We are led by the spirit, God and our ancestors and we allow time to lead us and yes we work with a plan and that is to grow and be able to plug others as well to share the experience.

How can fans gain access to / purchase your music?

The easiest way also is to google, Sun Xa Experiment,  and it will take you to everything we have done thus far. Mostly on Facebook, Instagram, I tunes, Amazon and a few other online platforms. 

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Sun Xa Experiment

Sun Xa Experiment

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About Sun Xa Experiment

Sun Xa Experiment is an Ancestral spiritual Avant-garde out-the-box group hailing from Gauteng and Durban South Africa born in 2014. A 5 piece-live music band that caters for a spiritual Ancestral sound that tells stories of who we are as a global community without race colour or nation.

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