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Jules Terea at House of Machines ~ Q and A

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Jules Terea from BRYNN`s next solo performing solo performance will be at House of Machines in Cape Town on 4 May. 

By Liny Kruger

Published Wednesday, 17 April 2019 06:46

When did you first know that you would like to pursue music as a career?

Yoh! When I was still a kid hey. Must have been 7 or 8. I was obsessed with music and musicians. There was nothing more incredible than seeing them up on those huge stages playing to all those people. There still isn't.

What has been the highlights in your career so far?

Opening for Incubus, playing at Kirstenbosch Gardens and releasing our debut album. All were just such surreal moments hey. Things you dream of your whole life.

Artists often say that they “just want to be true to themselves.” Do you think that Creativity should have moral boundaries eg do you write the songs or do the songs write to you?

What a rad question! I think it's different for every artist, and with every song. It's always unique, sometimes they write to you, sometimes you grapple and fight them and mould them until you're happy. Sometimes, and often the best songs come this way in my experience, they just pour out. When you're with other muso's, jamming or writing, you just come across this wave of creativity. 

What can fans expect from your solo show at House of Machines on May 4th?

I'm gonna be playing stripped down versions of the whole album, Querencia, from BRYNN. A couple of those tracks we've never performed live before. Also gonna be playing a few of my favourite tunes from other artists.

What are your plans for 2019?

Music. Music. Music. Music. Music. Music. Music.

Some fun Questions:

How would you explain your music to a 4-year-old?

It's happy, sad, crazy and lots of fun.

What was the worst thing that happened at a show?

My first show ever, at Down South on Long Street, I forgot all the words of one of the songs I was playing. I was so young, I didn't know what to do. I just froze, for like 3 whole minutes. It was a terrible hahaha.

What was the funniest thing that ever happened at a show?

I saw a guy on someone's shoulders once in the crowd who was completely covered in tiny dildos hahaha. He was shaking around and going mal to the music and every now and then one of the things came off and flew into the people around him. It was absolutely ridiculous haha.

What came first? Chicken or Egg?

I don't know man. Is there really an answer to it? I'd love to actually know haha.

What music do you listen too when you are sad?

Leon Bridges, Tom Waits, Ani Difranco, Matt Corby.

What music do you listen too if you are happy?

Anderson. Paak, Matt Corby, Leon Bridges.

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