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Karabo On Idols 2015 and beyond

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By Kerry Witting

Published Wednesday, 30 March 2016 18:54

Karabo’s story of eventually winning Idols 2015 is such an inspirational one. Rising up from the first comments from the judges in his audition, he proves that with hard word and determination you can do anything. His humble and bubbly approach to life is a breath of fresh air and I definitely see Karabo going far in his career. He has just recently released his first album titled ‘Love Is A Verb’ and he has really strived to appeal to a large audience, incorporating various genres such as House, Afro-pop, gospel and R&B. We were lucky enough ask Karabo a few questions about his rise to fame and where he sees himself in the future.

One of your skills is doing motivational speaking, how did you get into that and what is your favourite topic of motivational speech?

I got into motivational speaking through, some motivational talks I used to do at church and many other schools I got invited to and my favorite topic is "Repetition" and "it is not only a dream but ut can be a reality.

What was your first thought when you got the mixed feedback from the judges in your first audition?

I was quite disappointed and thought I was not going to get the golden ticket, but those comments are the ones that molded me and made me the artist that I am, today.

Where exactly are you planning to take your career in music?

The plan is to eventually take my music overseas and make it international. And I also would like to collaborate with, influential artist in South Africa and aboard.

A few words of wisdom for the up and coming artists in South Africa?

If doing music is your dream, take responsibility of it nurture it and make sure you practice every day to improve yourself. Talent alone is never enough.

Where would you go in a time machine?

I would definitely go to Israel, I would love to see where and how some of the History in the bible transpired. That would be a life changing experience.

You have such a humble nature, what would be your advice to staying positive in the difficult industry of music?

Remain true to who you are, never try to emulate what others are doing and never forget where come from and where you are planning to go because every transition is important.

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