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Returning To Love with The Graeme Watkins Project

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By Russell Miller

Published Wednesday, 20 July 2016 06:10

Hit singles, rigorous gigging, and various side projects often leave artists yearning for the opportunity to take a step back and re-centre. Between the release of their 2013 sophomore album Soldier On and now, The Graeme Watkins Project have taken advantage of their absence to do just that. They’re revitalised and brandish a level of comfort with their signature pop sound not unlike their past efforts. Underground Press caught up with the 2-time SAMA nominated indie group to get a glimpse into the experience leading up to the release of their latest single, ‘Love in Abundance'.

How does it feel to be releasing new material?

It's awesome! We are so proud of the new stuff we are dropping. Everything feels really good about the timing and sound.

Is ‘Love in Abundance’ a standalone single or is this a sign of an album to come?

We are going with releasing music as it is ready, removing the pressure of what people think it should sound like, and taking total responsibility for what we are putting out there.

What inspired the lyrics and theme of ‘Love in Abundance’?

We all went through a major “Growing up” process over the last three years. As you get older, you need to be reminded of the youth that exists when you were young. Pure unadulterated LOVE keeps you youthful and reminds you of what is important. 

Describe how Rick Joaquim’s direction helped bring the themes of driving ‘Love in Abundance’ to life.

He is just a powerhouse. He had this amazing idea and brought it to life in such a beautiful way. We are so stoked with the result.

How did balancing Electronic elements and Rock elements influence this track?

We follow our gut with writing now, we allow what we are listening to at the time to filter in and out of the music we write. This song settled in such a nice way, that it wasn’t a conscious decision, it all seemed to fall into place.

Where does ‘Love in Abundance’ rank among the band’s favourite tracks?

it's up there at the top, hey. It represents where we are in our lives and careers now! and so it's super relevant. it's also awesome having something new to jam at gigs, it brings fresh energy to our set.

Is TGWP planning any future gigs featuring ‘Love in Abundance’? If so, when and where?

Yup, check out social media, tours are being planned for September.

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The Graem Watkins Project

The Graem Watkins Project

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