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The Return of Protest the Hero

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By Kyle Gregorowski

Published Wednesday, 15 April 2015 15:12

Answered by Tim MacMillar (Guitar)

South Africa’s shores have been blessed by some of amazing metal recently, and as if in a dream, we are soon to be visited by the amazing Protest the Hero. The progressive stars who destroyed fans last year are back again – bigger, badder, and more metal than ever before.

We had a chat to them ahead of their return trip. 

So you had such a good time here you came back again sooner than we all could have wished - we take it the first trip was a good one?

We had a great time and are always looking for new places to play. When you're playing in a new country, you expect the first time to be shit, and over time and repeated visits you can build up a follow. It was mind blowing to have such a great show, meet so many great people and already have the foundation. It makes it a no-brainer to come back and play more shows in more places.

What have you guys been up to since we last saw you?

We did the last tour and shows to close out the Volition cycle that wrapped up at the end of the year. We've been writing and working on new material since the beginning of the year and are eager to get some new music up and available for people.

I honestly think you’ve been at the core of a move towards more balanced music globally. Have you felt the movement away from unnecessary extremism happening around you, or is it just something music nerds are discussing over a few beers?

We don't try to accomplish anything more than something to put on in the background and be the soundtrack to a night of fun with your friends or something that is personally motivating. If we are doing something on a global level it is not something we are consciously trying to do.

Your upcoming South African tour is a little longer – are you going to have some time to take in the tourist’s side of our little country?

Absolutely, Turning Tricks has gone out of their way to make sure we get cultured and get to enjoy the country as much as possible. That is something that is super important to me, and some promoters won't prioritize this. I'm so impressed that they offer this for us and it really makes the trip that much more enjoyable.

Have you heard a sound that’s really inspired you recently?

Seems like clean guitars are coming back and I've found that a band like CHON or Plini are doing things and not hiding behind distortion. It's a new look on playing.

If you all had to have “normal jobs” (white collar nooses) what would you be?

I've always wanted to be a computer programmer. I'm a bit of a nerd and am a fake computer nerd. I used Linux and have always been interested in coding but don't have time to study it and jump off the deep end.

Do you guys ever swap instruments? There are loads of bands that seem to swap when they get bored, even if it is just to shake a cool riff loose.

Rody used to take the bass for the end of Sex Tapes to have a riff around. It was pretty entertaining but other than that we don't feel too comfortable outside of our realms.

Do you guys have a tour horror story that you’d like to share?

There was a time when a band we were on tour with didn't close the trailer properly and we got a call that they pulled over because someone passed them and flagged them down to tell them the trailer was open. We were driving the same route the next morning and our driver started screaming and pulled over, put on a vest and came back with my pedal board that was on the side of the road. We kept driving and saw our backdrop ripped up in the middle of a field. We also found out a box of our merch had fallen out. Seems like we took the brunt of the hit on that one.

Complete the sentence: Music is…

calculated noise that invokes emotion from the listener.

The last time I interviewed you, you challenged the local fans to make the hype happen. Any words of wisdom before you return?

We are looking forward to being back and it's more about meeting great people and learning about what makes SA different than other parts of the world. The more I can soak up your culture and learn the more fun I'll have. 

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Protest The Hero have carved an identity for themselves that is so revolutionary within heavy music that to call them "unique" would be like calling Louis C.K. "pretty funny" or the classic "Star Trek" television series "influential sci-fi." The band effortlessly balances high-minded artistry with wit and whimsy, substantive viewpoints with wanton tomfoolery and masterful musicianship with true songcraft.