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Tian Nienaber's Musical Journey: Exploring 'Knip die Tou' and Career

Tian Nienaber's Musical Journey: Exploring 'Knip die Tou' and Career

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By Underground Press

Published Wednesday, 28 February 2024 10:51

In the realm of music, there are artists who create, and then there are visionaries who transcend, weaving intricate tapestries of sound and emotion that resonate deeply within our souls. Tian Nienaber belongs to the latter category, a South African singer-songwriter whose musical odyssey navigates the depths of human experience with unwavering honesty and profound insight.

As we embark on this journey with Tian Nienaber for an exclusive interview with Underground Press, we peel back the layers of his latest single and music video, ‘Knip die Tou’, meaning 'Cut the Cord', delving into the rich tapestry of inspiration, emotion, and artistic exploration that defines his craft. From the spiritual depths of his lyrics to the captivating visuals that accompany his music, Tian invites us to explore the intricacies of his creative universe, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of his artistry.

Join us as we uncover the essence of Tian Nienaber's music, from its roots to its universal resonance, and discover the man behind the melodies whose voice echoes with the power of truth and the beauty of raw emotion.

Q: Congratulations on the release of your latest single and music video, ‘Knip die Tou’, meaning ‘Cut the Cord’. Can you share the inspiration behind the song and what it means to you personally?

This song speaks to letting people go even when you love them. This is something I have had to do a lot in life. So, it’s a song that is quite close to home.

Q: ‘Knip die Tou’ explores themes of love, loss, and liberation. How do these themes resonate with your own experiences and emotions?

I’ve been in a lot of relationships, romantic and not, in life where it became a lot of work. Where I had to give a lot more of myself to make things work than I wanted to. To a point where I would try and make it work even when I knew it wouldn’t. This song speaks about learning that it’s okay to let go. All things end and that’s okay.

Q: Your move into Afrikaans music with ‘Hemel Se Deur’ (meaning ‘Heaven’s Door’) was a significant shift. What motivated this transition, and how has it influenced your artistic expression?

I think it was just the right time for the right song. It isn’t a permanent move. I think Afrikaans being my home language it helps me express big loss a bit easier.

Q: Your music is known for its deep meaning and emotional resonance. How important is it for you to convey messages of spirituality and healing through your songs?

I believe that it’s the only reason for my music. I want to help people and have them feel heard and loved. I want people to be motivated to be better and to grow.

Q: The visuals in your music videos are striking and beautifully crafted. Can you tell us about your creative process when conceptualizing and filming these visuals?

I wanted a dance that would express the emotions of the lyrics. I needed something to bring the words of the song into the physical realm to add a bit more depth to this release.

Q: Your voice has a unique warmth and power that captivates listeners. How do you cultivate and maintain such a distinctive vocal tone?

I think it just comes naturally. Or it’s all the coffee. I’m not sure, to be honest.

Q: Your lyrics are often described as potent and thought-provoking. How do you approach lyric writing, and what do you hope listeners take away from your songs?

I try to be authentic in what I feel. As long as I stay true to my emotions and experience I feel like people might understand it. I hope people get a sense that it’s okay for things not to work out as we want. Growth only happens when you are uncomfortable.

Q: Who are some of your top musical influences, both locally and internationally, and how have they shaped your sound?

Zaan Zonnekus, Stefan Jansen, Thys Nortje, John Mayer. I believe in music we are all always learning from one another. I love Zaan for the energy in his music. Stefan and Thys are amazing writers. And John Mayer is then just technically one of the best out there.

Q: If you could curate your own music festival, what would it be called, and which artists, past or present, would you love to see perform?

Growth Music Festival. Locally I’d have Zaan, Stefan, Thys, Tasche and Francois van Coke. Internationally, Billy Raffoul, Chris Kläfford, Anees, and John Moreland.

Q: Music has a profound ability to soundtrack our lives. What artists and songs would make up the soundtrack to your life, and why?

Don Williams would be in there as I loved his music growing up. It reminds me of being a kid. Then Linkin Park and Slipknot take me back to primary school days. And then John Mayer because every time I am having a bad day his music pops up and makes it better.

Q: Lastly, what's next for Tian Nienaber? Any upcoming projects or collaborations on the horizon that you're excited to share with your fans?

I’m working on a few new singles, a collab with Tasha, and an EP for early next year.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Tian for sharing his insights and passions with us, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of his musical universe. To our readers and fans of Tian Nienaber, we encourage you to listen to his latest single ‘Knip die Tou’ and immerse yourselves in the rich tapestry of his music. Follow Tian on his journey and stay tuned for more soul-stirring melodies and captivating stories from this remarkable artist.

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Tian Nienaber, Indie Alternative

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Tian Nienaber

Tian Nienaber

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About Tian Nienaber

Tian Nienaber, a South African indie alternative singer-songwriter, entered the music scene at 17, initially as a sound engineer. After six years on the road, supporting artists and contributing to festivals, he transitioned to the forefront, driven by a passion for music ignited at 12. In the past seven years, Tian has become a prominent figure in the indie alternative genre, gracing stages at renowned festivals and sharing platforms with esteemed South African artists.
In 2021, Tian made waves with his debut single 'Hurting Love,' achieving chart success in South Africa and Australia. His sophomore single, 'Soldier On,' in 2022 solidified his position. Venturing into Afrikaans music in 2023 with 'Hemel Se Deur,' Tian enjoyed radio chart success. As he enters 2024, his musical journey continues to captivate audiences globally.


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