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Underground Press Chats With Fourth Son South

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Fourth Son South have just dropped their new single, 'Cold'. We sit down to find out more and meet their new member, Sarah.

By Underground Press

Published Friday, 07 October 2022 06:00

Please give us a detailed introduction to Fourth Son South

We are South African alternative indie pop rock band Fourth Son South. We are a 5-piece band with two guitars, bass, drums and 4 vocalists. We try to give hope in dark times and thrive on performing live.

How best would you describe your sound and music, and how did you choose this genre?

Pop-rock with funky, heavy and folky influences with a lot of vocals and time for singing guitars. But the song is always the most important.

Tell us all about your new single ‘The Cold’

The Cold is the first single of our new lineup in which you can clearly hear our vocals. The song is about the return of light and warmth. And that goes for the seasons as well as for relationships. The light will come again.

What most inspires your songwriting?

The mood of the day, things I hear or see around me. Ghosts of the past. Hope.

Tell us all about your new member Sarah

After releasing our single Tomorrow’s Better featuring Melissa Osborne, the idea of incorporating female lead vocals in more songs became very appealing. To the point that we decided to get an extra band member. Melissa had her hands full already and the search for a girl started. We did a few gigs with Meel Vignetting but she also ran into an opportunity that didn’t allow her to be in the band. In the end we found Sarah, a young singer who also teaches music and won the Performing Arts Competition South Africa. She’s got an amazing voice and with her warm personality and drive she’s quickly found a place in our hearts and our sound.

Which do you prefer - performing as a solo artist, or with a band?

I love doing the solo shows, it gives me opportunities to play songs that are not suited for the band and have intimate gigs, but nothing beats going full blast with the whole band.

What stands as a career highlight to date?

Oh, there are many. Performing at the big festivals, hearing your songs on radio and seeing them in the charts. The deep satisfaction you get when a song is finished, and you know it is good. But at the moment we feel that everything we do is a new highlight and it’s only getting better.

Which of your songs is your favourite, and why?

It depends a bit on the mood of the day. Right now, of course our new single The Cold but I also love our current live versions of Magical People and Positive. The energy I get when we play these songs and feel the response of the audience is fantastic.

What is your top Bucket List item?

I think right now that is a successful tour in the Netherlands, where I come from.

What can fans look forward to next, where can they see you play live, and where can they follow you online?

Most importantly they can look forward to seeing us play live with this lineup. We try to play as much as possible and shows can be found on our social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram (@FourthSonSouth) and a lot of information can be found on

Any final thoughts or shoutouts?

A shout out to our promoter Devo from Devographic and photographer/sound engineer/do it all, Rohan Mostert, who has been doing so much behind the screens. And for all our fans, please be kind to each other. Thank you Underground Press for chatting to us.

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>> Friday, 07 October 2022 06:24

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Fourth Son South

Fourth Son South

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About Fourth Son South

Fourth Son South are a 5-piece Indie-pop-rock band with two guitars, bass, drums and 4 vocalists from South Africa. Formed by Dutch-born Peter Toussaint, a maestro on guitar. After bringing out his solo album One Day in 2018, Peter brought together bass player Franco Jamneck and drummer Carel Viljoen. As a three-piece, they toured for a while under the name Peter T Band.


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