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Who is OH ROXY? #ThisIsMe

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By Kerry Witting

Published Friday, 11 March 2016 06:39

Why the 'Oh' in front of Roxy?

'Oh' goes perfectly with my personality. I couldn't just be Roxy. I had to be OH Roxy! Something you can shout in front! 

Who is Oh Roxy?

Oh Roxy is an alternative pop band from Cape Town, South Africa. Myself and producer Kamil Govender are the two members. 

Why did you choose #ThisIsMe as your first single and what do you feel it portrays about you? 

'THIS IS ME' is the best introduction to me as a person and musician. It shows off the vibe we want to go for musically as a band, so the public can get a real sense of how different and experimental OH ROXY plan to be. The lyrics portray me as a person. The chorus especially. I am creative and think and see things differently to others, so this really is the perfect way to show South Africa what they're in for! Whooo!

What can people look forward to, from your sound? 

Something really different. We have a lot of musical/cultural influences in our stuff. Lots of African beats, Native American chants, local sounds too. Just think very, unique and experimental. We want people of all ages to stop and be like, "Flip this is so weird?! I love it!" 

What makes you unique in the SA music industry? 

We have something different to offer. Like I said before, it's very experimental but with a local/strange twist thrown in the mix. It really is something so new and original and I'm really excited to see what people think! 

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