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Big Screen Entertainment in Umhlanga

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Watch the Finals live at Cornubia Mall

By Underground Press

Published Wednesday, 25 October 2023 07:31

Umhlanga, 25 October 2023: There is no doubt that green and gold fever has swept across South Africa with passion for the game at an all-time high following the Boks’ recent victories in France. To make it easy to get behind the national team and follow the excitement, Cornubia Mall in Umhlanga will be screening the finals live on its big screen.

With its giant screen located in the centre’s Town Square area, just outside Nu Metro and Bounce, and below the food court, shoppers were welcome to bring picnic blankets, camping chairs and cushions and make themselves feel at home while they enjoyed the exhilaration of this thrilling sport. Numerous restaurants and food outlets in the centre court provide umpteen options for lunch, dinner, or snacks before, during, and after the games.

While the match against New Zealand commences on Saturday, October 28 at 21:00, fans are advised to come early to get a good spot. Live entertainment will set the tone for this exciting match, with giveaways, and local artists including musicians, dancers, and DJs booked to take to the stage at 19:00.

For all of the scrums, tries, passes, lineouts, tackles, goals and conversions, Cornubia Mall has you covered. For more information, visit the mall’s website or social media feeds @cornubiamall. Now, let’s bring the trophy home!


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>> Thursday, 26 October 2023 07:35

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