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Playtopia - HCC Events Centre (Former Fugard), Cape Town

Indie Games & Interactive Arts Festival - December 2023

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7 - 9 Dec 2023
HCC Events Centre (Former Fugard), Cape Town
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By Underground Press

Published Thursday, 14 September 2023 11:00

Drawing inspiration from global alternative games festivals, PLAYTOPIA is back in 2023 and marks a significant milestone as South Africa's inaugural indigenous event dedicated to games and interactive art. With an impressive track record of generating unexpected worldwide successes, South Africa's game developers and their distinct creations have firmly established themselves on the global stage. PLAYTOPIA aims to honour the nation's multifaceted game development and immersive arts community, fostering inspiration for the upcoming generation of innovators, players, and enthusiasts.

By curating a selection of excellent local artworks and games, alongside contributions from international counterparts, PLAYTOPIA guarantees an unparalleled African celebration of gaming and technological artistry. This festival encapsulates the very essence of the future of entertainment, showcasing a convergence of creativity and technology that is truly unparalleled.

This year, PLAYTOPIA will offer an exhilarating two-day experience, offering attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in both local and international indie games whilst captivating interactive and digital art. Attendees of PLAYTOPIA will have the chance to participate in talks and panels conducted by renowned international and local experts in the realm of Indie Game development. 

Enthusiasts of gaming, developers, and event attendees alike will be spoiled for choice with an abundance of games, music, culinary delights, and immersive art experiences. The event will feature exhibitions by prominent South African interactive artists, alternative, artistic, and party games, a dedicated Super Friendship Arcade room showcasing games played with custom controllers, VR rooms, and much more!

PLAYTOPIA will close the festival on Saturday evening with an official after party at Tommy's Chop Shop, hosted by Diskotekah.

PLAYTOPIA is proudly sponsored by Devolver Digital, Free Lives, Landfall, Super Hot, Raw Fury, Institute Francais and 24BitGames. 



PLAYTOPIA 2023's programme includes a 2 days conference, featuring inspiring talks from a hand-picked selection of trail-blazing game developers, interactive artists and playful creators. Focused on short and engaging talks, the conference aim to be highly accessible for all attendees. From fuelling the passion of Africa's current game-changers, to being a catalyst for the next wave, the Playtopia Conference aims to celebrate and grow South Africa's blossoming indie games scene, and continue pushing it towards being one of the most vibrant and innovative hotspots in the future for indie games and the playful arts.


Super Friendship Arcade (SFA) represents an ever-expanding coalition of friends who employ games as a means to creatively influence The Planet. By establishing impromptu arcades in unconventional spaces, SFA dismantles the conventional notion of a 'gamer', celebrating games that are approachable, easy to engage with, and, above all, conduits for shared moments that unite people.

The central tenet of SFA's mission is to underscore that games are inclusive for everyone. This inclusivity extends beyond mere gameplay—SFA contends that game creation is also accessible to all. Through game jams and workshops, the SFA collective shares their fervour and expertise with newcomers, with the ultimate aim of cultivating an even more varied and dynamic community of DIY game developers.


Indie Planet is a curated exhibition space at PLAYTOPIA, showcasing highlights from other gaming festivals around the world. It's difficult for South Africans to travel abroad so we thought, why not bring the world to us!

Keep an eye on PLAYTOPIA’s channels for more info to be announced soon!


A selection of interactive and immersive art installations by local artists will be on exhibit. Creatives who embrace technology to express themselves, ill exhibit their artworks for festivalgoers to experience.  


At the heart of PLAYTOPIA lies the main exhibition arcade - a meticulously curated assemblage of games, immersive encounters, and interactive narratives. This showcase embodies a gathering of the most ingenious, dynamic, and emotionally resonant games from the recent past. Encompassing a mix of titles hailing from South Africa and around the globe, this exhibition encompasses lauded indie releases as well as hidden treasures that deserve more recognition. Its purpose is to honour the evolution of digital storytelling and the realm of playful art, presenting a testament to the future of these creative domains.


  • Date: Friday, 8 December 2023 - Saturday, 9 December 2023
  • Times: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Venue: HCC Events Centre (Former Fugard), Cape Town
  • Tickets: Buy Tickets
  • Website: Official Website


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Playtopia - HCC Events Centre (Former Fugard), Cape Town