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Music Plus Fashion: 5 Fashion Trends That Were Influenced By Music

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Fashion designers do not only get their inspiration out of scratch but also in the form of music.

By Alexandra White

Published Friday, 10 November 2017 09:16

Fashion designers do not only get their inspiration out of scratch but also in the form of music. It is either from the artist that gave life to the music or the soundtrack itself, giving us various fashion ideas that are unique in identity and style.

When we were still kids, most of the time, we get our fashion inspirations from music icons. The fashion craze has long been interconnected to music which can be traced way back to the time of Elvis Presley. His classic look complemented his signature traditional aviator jacket that became a big trend back in the days.

Music was the means of expression of some people that determined the iconic fashions throughout the decade. Listed below are the five fashion trends that stem out of music.

Bobby-Soxers Fashion

The birth of rock and roll in the 1950s popularized various popular fashion and became the catalyst. But in the late 1940s, bobbysoxers became the trend for those American teenage girls who became popular due to their enthusiasm for male crooners like Frank Sinatra.

They wore ankle socks, rolled up denim jeans, hair ribbons, poodle skirts added by a fancy French poodle stitching, small blouses with a strutted edge, saddle shoes, and dishevelled sweaters. However, these fashion trend was rare because males typically led most changes.

Mods Fashion

The concept of the different group identification was important to a band called Mods. They were created in Britain in the year 1965 and had a powerful influence on fashion, especially in menswear.

Even though the band Mods were a mixture of teenagers with distinctive styles, they were a group of sophisticated people who rebuffed the roughness and unperfected style of rhythm and blues, modern jazz, and bluebeat.

They were devoted stylists who knew that changes in fashion already prevail and they believe that if they connect it to their type of music, they will become unique from the rest of the community.

The time between 1980 and 1990, the legacy of Mod lingers in bands such as Oasis, Blur, and Style Council. However, the fashion trend began to accept another form of reference. It includes modern menswear that covered sportswear and formal items.

Rave Fashion

Raves were launched in the late 1980s, which is a large dance party featuring shows of popular DJs, who choose and infuse loud electronic dance music songs. And since then, numerous evolution in the fashion style was created.

Paul Oakenfold, Nicky Holloway, and Danny Rampling are among the British DJ powerhouses who received recognition for popularizing the music and mindset of the previous private rave scene. Their very first hit was ecstasy in the summer which they took in Ibiza while on vacation.

The hypnotic music drove plenty of followers from across the world and began to represent rave as a fashion statement. Most of the girls in attendance wore denim or leather pants, fitted shirts, long sleeved close-fitting jacket, and waistcoats.

Lank and long hair became socially obligatory. For the boys, their fashion was less determinable even though most of them wore designer clothing. Usually, their attire includes jeans, tees, polo shirts, and hooded coat which you can buy in many online stores such as French Connection.

Hip-hop and Rastafarians

Now and then, fashion attracts directly on the culture of music for a little inspiration. The Rastafarian type of music has supported different well-known culture with an idea popular culture with creativity that is suited in various forms.

Rastafari’s fashion emblem has been a constant translator of fashion. It has this red, green, and gold symbolism with dreadlocked hair and khaki attire. Most of the artist who embraced this kind of style wear heavy accessories like gold chains plus a gold tooth.

As a result, hip-hop fashion trend was reformed, sterilized, and made ready for use in the mainstream.

Punk Fashion

The punk rock music was one of the most significant and thought-to provoke collaborations of music and fashion. It served as an important stimulant for the way of the people in the 2000s create, think, and give a say in music, fashion, and design.

It started in London during the 1970 and nearly at the same time became a fashion expression, a musical type, and a way of life. Punk fashion was shocking and intimidating. Most of the punk bands use similar items of clothing with pictures that were taboo, including fetish clothes, torn clothes, and even clothes with fake bloodstains.


Even though plenty of hitmakers appear to have excellent services with their different stylists, there have been many musicians who were their own stylists and still created a fashion trend that keeps on evolving throughout the years. From the Bobby-Soxers Fashion, Mods Fashion, Rave Fashion, Hip-hop and Rastafarians, and Punk Fashion these fashion trends that were influenced by music will forever be loved and followed.

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