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These are the Top 5 Cities to Visit if You’re a Music Lover!

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By Lisa Jones

Published Wednesday, 11 April 2018 04:17

Music is one of the leading factors that mould different cultures and way of life. Most people now are more passionate about music and became the subject that drives their being.

For music lovers, there are plenty of promising cities around the world which are perfect for them to visit and explore. Without further hesitation let's recognize them and be amazed at some of the best music venues and great musical heritage. Check them out!

The City Of London

This city is remarkable for aficionados of different music genres. For people with the penchant for classical music, they can visit the Barbican Center's "London Symphony Orchestra," as for opera, visit the London's famous Covent Garden. For the big-name acts, the prominent venues like the "Hammersmith Apollo," the Earl’s Court, and O2 Arena are a must-visit too.

At the smaller venues such as the Camden Roundhouse, the Barfly, and Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club you will find many promising musicians. Also, you can have a tour of the city's history at the middle of the "Swinging 60s" on Abbey Road Studios where Pink Floyd and The Beatles recorded some of their famous albums.

The City Of Havana

This city is a Cuban capital with distinct music sceneries, exhibiting the period of slavery and migration and their musical culture. The city’s African percussion and rhythms have been moulded with Spanish traditions and guitars to create genres such as mambo, habanera, charanga, son Cubano, and Cuban jazz.

You will discover music in the cafés and bars across Havana, particularly in its Old Town, La Habana Vieja. Don’t have any idea where to start?, visiting the featured social club like the Buena Vista could give a heads up.

The City Of Sydney

This city has strived hard to develop into an excellent musical centre. Nowadays visitors can visit the impressive Sydney Opera House whereas the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is based, and performing an open-air opera on Sydney Harbor organized by Handa Opera organization.

There are venues that used to host influential bands such as the Allphones Arena where the well-known band Rolling Stones had performed as well as the Sydneysiders at the Hordern Pavilion. Also, don't forget to hit smaller clubs such as The Metro and The Basement.

The City Of Vienna

This city can put on to become the capital of the classical music of European influence. It is where Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Haydn, Brahms, and Mahler spend their time to study and work.

If you want, you can catch up outdoor ensembles at some parks around the city, or you may also try to head on regular performances in some of the exceptional venues in Vienna such as the Theater an der Wien, the Staatsoper, the Volksoper, the Wiener Musikverein, or the Wiener Konzerthaus.

The City Of Berlin

This city has been an excellent venue for performers and artists. It is where David Bowie had lived during the late ‘70s as well as Iggy Pop which both have remarkable music records in the city.

Subsequently, there is also club scene which is well-known as Europe's best. During the late '70s, the punk setting was the center of gravity particularly in the SO36 club, while venues such as Berghain and Tresor are part of the leading techno clubs.

For classical music fans, there are plenty of symphony orchestras within the city to visit, along with the "Berlin Philharmonic" as well as the State Opera.


Music could affect us in many ways. It also shows us the wonders of life. One of these is travelling other places just to fill our cravings for music aspiration. Now that you are familiar with these places, you can now start planning your ultimate trip, either you’re going solo, or you’re going to travel with your family and friends.

An additional tip, if you want to visit these places, don’t forget to have durable and convenient luggage to accompany you during this ultimate trip. You can check on different online stores such as Luggage Online that offers one of the best travel luggage options in the market.

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