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Acid Magus - Hope is Heavy

ACID MAGUS Shares Lyric Video from Critically Acclaimed Album HOPE IS HEAVY

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ACID MAGUS Shares Mesmerizing Lyric Video for 'A Planet, A Deathstar' from Critically Acclaimed Album HOPE IS HEAVY

By Underground Press

Published Thursday, 30 November 2023 07:33

In a sonic voyage that transcends the boundaries of conventional music, Acid Magus, the South African progressive psychedelic doom quintet, is thrilled to announce the release of a captivating lyric video for 'A Planet, A Deathstar,' the fourth track from their highly praised sophomore album, Hope Is Heavy. For fans of All Them Witches and those who revel in the atmospheric realms of psychedelic doom, Acid Magus promises an immersive journey through hauntingly beautiful soundscapes.

'A Planet, A Deathstar' opens with hauntingly delicate acoustic guitars, creating an atmospheric and desolate ambience that draws the listener into a sonic abyss. The track then unfolds into an expansive cascade of stoner/grunge rock-inspired riffs, showcasing Acid Magus' masterful ability to blend contrasting elements seamlessly. The lyrics, delivered with evocative intensity, invite fans to join the band on a quest for meaning hidden between the lines.

The lyric video, a visual masterpiece crafted by the talented Marthinus Kirsten, complements the song's ethereal nature. Kirsten's artistic interpretation adds a layer of visual depth, enhancing the overall experience and allowing fans to further immerse themselves in the profound narrative woven by Acid Magus.

The members of Acid Magus include Keenan Kinnear, Roelof Van Tonder, Anrico Jeske, Brendon Bezuidenhout, and Jethro Vlag. Their collective synergy has given rise to "Hope Is Heavy," an album that has garnered critical acclaim for its innovative approach to the progressive psychedelic doom genre.

'A Planet, A Deathstar' is a testament to the band's ability to weave together diverse musical elements into a cohesive and mesmerizing tapestry.

Critics and reviewers from renowned music publications have already heaped praise upon the band's new masterpiece:

"The future is bright for these bruisers." – 8/10 Metal Hammer

"The six tracks that make up Hope Is Heavy are a thoroughly immersive experience." – 7/10 Classic Rock Magazine

" Acid Magus are an exciting prospect in the global doom, heavy psych and stoner scenes and Hope Is Heavy is a tremendous sophomore effort that is sure to pull in a host of new fans. Poignant, powerful, and captivating, it is an excellent album to get lost in and ponder your own existence." – 9/10 Distorted Sound Magazine

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>> Wednesday, 29 November 2023 21:00

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Acid Magus

Acid Magus

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About Acid Magus

Garage doom on shrooms from Pretoria, South Africa. Huge fans of the rock greats (Zeppelin, Sabbath), stoner/desert rock behemoths (Kyuss, Sleep) as well as the tripped-out psychedelic stylings of modern “psych” bands like SLIFT.
For fans of Hendrix/The Doors to Hawkwind and Scorpion at their heaviest, all the way to pretty much everything inspired by Black Sabbath today.


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