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Snake Bite Whisky: Australian's Sleaze Metallers Released New Single 'Cruel And Indiscrete'

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By Underground Press

Published Saturday, 08 July 2023 10:01

A previously unheard digital format single from the writing sessions for Snake Bite Whisky's second album, Black Candy, has been made available. The band opted to give the demo version of the single, 'Cruel And Indiscrete,' a full production and include it as a bonus track on the limited edition digipak for Black Candy, which is the only physical copy of the song and is currently sold out.

'Cruel And Indiscrete' is available from all digital retailers and streaming services now and can be accessed via the following link:

Snake Bite Whisky will also be in the US in August and September and will be performing on Saturday the 2nd of September at Rocklahoma in Proyr, Oklahoma with other dates to be announced.  

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>> Saturday, 08 July 2023 10:01

Snake Bite, Sleaze Metal

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Snake Bite Whisky

Snake Bite Whisky

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About Snake Bite Whisky

Snake Bite Whisky are an Australian Heavy Rock band from Brisbane in Queensland formed in December 2014 that play a unique blend of eighties inspired sleaze rock with elements of Heavy Metal, Punk and outlaw country.


Snake Bite Whisky - Cruel and Indiscrete

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