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Cami Scoundrel & The Feminists Release Video For Upliting New Collaboration With Buyisiwe Njoko

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My Drum is Love is a song about following your heart, spreading love, and the message of intentionally building a world that is beautiful for everyone. Dancing to the drum beat of love.

By Underground Press

Published Tuesday, 18 October 2022 11:18

The song and music video have spent almost a year in production from conception to a cross-country collaboration between Cape Town, Soweto and Durban to birth the song and music video. The sound of My Drum is Love’ has been described as akin to Freshlyground and has its own undeniable South African pop flavor that just makes one want to spread LOVE, break down cultural barriers, uplift each other, ourselves and dance.

Produced by Willem Möller - who has worked with South African greats including James Phillips, Johannes Kerkorrel, Koos Kombuis and Blues Broers, and backed Rodriguez on his first tour of South Africa in 1998.

Written by Cami Scoundrel - activist/musician. Cami believes that creatives have a role in society and that role is to spread positive values, stories and morals, that work towards building a cohesive and peaceful society. This is her passion - building a healthy regenerative and sustainable self, community and earth.

She believes this song embodies these principles and is using the song and music video as a vehicle to launch a fund-raising campaign to uplift Mxolisi Primary School in Soweto. With the aim to carry on the campaign to other schools in South Africa - BECAUSE THE YOUTH ARE THE FUTURE.

My Drum is Love features Buyisiwe Njoko of The Sun Xa Experiment, who deliver "a spiritual ancestral sound that tells of stories of who we are as the global community without race, color or nation.”

Cami was jamming the song in the kitchen one morning while Sun Xa were on tour in December 2021 and staying in her house, Buyi started singing a response in Zulu while making breakfast for the band; they performed it that night at Mpire Music in Woodstock.

As Cami was leaving to work with a counter-poaching unit on the border of Limpopo and Botswana a few weeks later. - She recorded the song with Willem Möller - motivated by The Feminists - Scoundrel’s band; featuring Derek Craig on drums, Mike Hardaker on lead guitar and Craig McKune on bass. The recording was then sent to Scoundrel’s long time musical collaborator Matt Vend who recorded Njoko’s vocal lyrics while she was in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Buyi was flown down to Cape Town from Soweto and the music video was shot DIY in Cami’s spare room by Jaqcui van Staden, who is the eye behind many iconic images of South African musicians including Blk Jks, Karen Zoid and Wonderboom.

But just releasing the video or the song is not enough for Scoundrel and Njoko whose roots are firmly grounded in healing and activism. “We want to use this song to raise funds to uplift as many schools as possible, starting with Mxolisi Primary in Soweto - where Buyi is a teacher and her Sun Xa Experiment bandmates have started a food garden.” Scoundrel explains, “and then carry on the project with a second school in Limpopo, that the International Coalition of Ranger Protection (ICORP) works with.”

Donate to our Quicket fundraiser, all proceeds of which go to uplifting and regenerating Mxolisi Primary and beyond.

The upliftment program will involve a weekend festival of creativity and practicality working with Grow Community Grow, SA Permaculture, ICORP, Flowers for Africa, Digging Thoughts and other facilitators - fixing toilets, windows, painting classrooms and the school’s outer facade, facilitating mural painting, permaculture, healing and creative workshops for the staff, students and parents to empower the community to empower themselves, and at the end of it all have a mini festival of music to celebrate and bring the community together further in their achievements.

We have a dream, and that dream is for everyone to be dancing to the drum of love and join us in building a world where the intention is true.

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>> Monday, 17 October 2022 10:51

Singer-songwriter, Political Pop, Non Genre Specific, Cami Scoundrel

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Cami Scoundrel

Cami Scoundrel

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  • Singer-songwriter
15 years, four continents, nine countries, too many shows and cities to count. Cami Scoundrel is indescribable. They broke the mould before they made her…Her journey has taken her around the world with a guitar and she has stories of love, peace, politics and everything in between.
Her most recent adventures having taken her to the frontline of counter-poaching, on the border of Limpopo and Botswana, dabbling in Vedic philosophy along the way.
She is backed by the infamous Feminists, Mike Hardaker on lead guitar, Derek Craig on drums and Craig McKune on bass.


Cami Scundrel - My Drum Is Love

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Cami Scoundrel & The Feminists - Photo by Jacqui van Staden