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Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Sensation BAD AS Drops Single & Video 'Fight The Demons'

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 09 June 2023 10:57

'Fight The Demons' serves as an anthem for those battling their inner struggles, urging listeners to confront their demons head-on and emerge victorious, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. The powerful lyrics, combined with the band's signature hard-hitting sound, create a unique experience.

"We all have been through difficult times in our lives... One of the hardest things is to fight our personal demons in order to survive and move on. That struggle many times makes us realize how much power we have inside and how strong we are.

The powerful heavy riff of that song Immediately stroked me like lightning and inspired me to write the lyrics and the melody of that great song... That's how 'Fight The Demons' was born." - John Jeff Touch.


Updated on:
>> Friday, 09 June 2023 11:00

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Bad As

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  • Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

About Bad As

Bad As, formerly known as BADASS, consists of extraordinary talent, including vocalist John Jeff Touch, bassist Alberto Rigoni, guitarist Alessio "Lex" Tricarico, and drummer Marco Andreetto. With their original blend of musical prowess and relentless energy, the band has garnered a dedicated global fan base and critical acclaim throughout their career.
Their upcoming album, 'Fight The Demons,' marks a pivotal moment in Bad As musical journey. Set to drop in September 2023, this album is going to blow fans away with its incredible tracks that will take their musical experience to a whole new level. Get ready to be amazed as Bad As pushes the boundaries of the genre and delivers an impressive collection of songs.


BAD As - Fight The Demons

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