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Justin VR Unleashes New Modern Country Pop Rock Single 'She Said...'

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 19 May 2023 09:15

Cape-Town-based Singer-Songwriter Justin VR is back with his latest single 'She Said...' on Friday 19 May, and shares that “Although I’ve been involved in events and entertainment for so long, there is a big part of me that remains an introvert. ‘She Said…’ tells the story of a woman that always strives and pushes to get the best out of you … to get you to come out of your shell so to speak. I’m sure everyone’s had that one person in their life, whether it be their spouse or partner or friend, that brings much-needed spontaneity. The vibe for the song was always going to be feel-good and guitar-driven, something that can get everyone to sing along and smile at the same time. As the lyric says, ‘Shake the blues, kick off your shoes, right now!”

Constantly blending guitar-driven Rock with Modern Country and Pop, Justin VR has firmly settled in his own unique sound with follow-up singles and is set to release his latest ‘She Said …’ available on all platforms.

Justin further shares that “I am so blessed to be on this journey and share my stories and personal experiences through music. I am also eternally grateful to Malcolm. Not only is he a brilliant producer and songwriter but he has become my mentor and close friend too. Without him, there would be no music. The creative juices keep flowing, with more singles currently being written and recorded for the rest of 2023.”

Recently Justin VR has joined a group of top-class musicians with the show On The Road: A Tribute To Shania Twain & Keith Urban, and has several successful shows at venues such as Die Koelkamers (Paternoster) and Die Boer (Durbanville), taking his energy and passion to the live stage!


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>> Thursday, 18 May 2023 20:29

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Justin VR

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About Justin VR

Justin VR is a singer-songwriter from Cape Town who has actively been involved in events and entertainment for over 25 years with his own sound and lighting business. His love of music began in his childhood years, spending countless hours browsing and listening to his father’s extensive LP collection. He was drawn into every genre imaginable from Rock, Folk, Blues, Country to Pop, and everything in between.
2020 will always stand out as the year when the world was turned on its head, but it was also the year that Justin’s personal music journey began. Artists around the world reverted to streaming in the hope of getting their voices and music heard. Justin did the same and started weekend online sets from his social media pages called ‘The Garage Sessions’.
Producer, musician, and songwriter Malcolm Ormond tuned in with his first live stream and called Justin soon thereafter. They worked on some covers over the years, but this was different. He had something else in my mind and soon they were recording and writing together. A few months later they released a Bluesy-Rock-tinged single ‘Got Me Blind’ reflecting on what lockdown had done to the world, and how it changed them as well. The song was well received with both international and local airplay.


Justin VR - She Said...

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