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New Academics was formed in the early 2000s and has performed across the length and breadth of South Africa.

By Underground Press

Published Friday, 28 April 2023 08:41

The band has released three albums to date: City of Strange (2006), The Apple (2008) and Growler Front (2016). Today sees the release of their fourth album, The Great Romancer, which was recorded intermittently over the past 3 years as circumstances allowed. The album features the return of Brendon van Rooyen on drums and a guest appearance by David Cousins on acoustic piano on the track ‘Sundogs’.

Vocals, guitars, keyboards, and bass were produced and engineered by the band at Dave Baudains’ home studio, while drums were tracked at Digital Forest Studios by Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen. The album was mixed by Rob Smith at Sick Records and mastered by Rogan Kelsey at Kelsey Mastering. The artwork image was hand drawn by Dave Baudains and colourised by Andrea Barkhuizen, who also produced the artwork layout. New Academics is Joe Penn, Dave Baudains, Brendon van Rooyen and Rob Smith.

With this album, the band retains their guitar, bass and drums-driven sound, but continues their departure from their earlier work, weaving electronic elements and dark lyrical content into a wide palette of textures.

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>> Thursday, 27 April 2023 12:27

Hip hop, Hard Rock, Funk, Jazz, New Academics, Afro Beat

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New Academics

New Academics

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About The New Academics

New Academics was formed in the early 2000s and has gone on to perform across the spectrum of the South African music scene, releasing three albums to date; ‘City of Strange’ (2006), ‘The Apple’ (2008) and ‘Growler Front’ (2016).
They are known for their mixture of Afro-beat, Jazz, Hard rock, Funk and Hip hop in their music and have built a solid a following in South Africa and Europe with their debut album City of Strange.
28 April 2023 sees the release of their fourth album, ‘The Great Romancer’, conceived in 2020 and recorded intermittently across the following years as circumstances allowed.


New Academics - The Great Romancer

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