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Passenger Releases All The Little Lights Anniversary Edition - With 'Let Her Go' Video Featuring Ed Sheeran

Passenger Releases All The Little Lights Anniversary Edition - With 'Let Her Go' Video Featuring Ed Sheeran

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 01 December 2023 07:56

Ten years ago, UK singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, better known as Passenger, released All The Little Lights, his break-out album featuring the global smash hit 'Let Her Go.' The album quietly transformed into a global phenomenon buoyed by “Let Her Go.” The smash single soared to #1 in 19 countries and reached platinum status in 11 countries, including going 6x - platinum in the United States. It stood out as the #2 most-Shazamed song of all time and #1 most Shazamed Pop Song of all time. Thus far, it has generated north of 2 billion streams and over 3.5 billion views on YouTube.

The years leading up to the album’s release were filled with personal and professional upheavals that led him to a path of busking across the UK and eventually Australia, where he would record the life-changing album. Now, with billions of streams, countless sold-out global tours, and an unforgettable Super Bowl ad under his belt, Passenger is ready to celebrate everything before, during and after this era with All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition), which was released on November 10th 2023.

All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition) sees the seminal album entirely re-recorded and completely re-imagined as Passenger infuses these songs with another decade of experience and wisdom, and calls upon Foy Vance, Gabrielle Aplin, Nina Nesbitt, and longtime friend and touring buddy, Ed Sheeran, for special collaborations. Through it all, he preserves all the spirit and soul of the original whilst breathing new life into these well-loved Passenger staples. Musically richer, vocally stronger and shimmering with a bold beauty, All The Little Lights shines brighter than ever.

Passenger introduced this forthcoming new collection with the single release on September 15th of one of his most beloved songs, 'Life’s For The Living,' featuring fellow troubadour Foy Vance. On working with Foy Vance, Passenger says, “I met Foy around the time this album was first released, and we’ve been good friends ever since. He’s disarmingly honest, and wickedly funny and his pursuit of creating beautiful, tasteful, and brilliant music is inspiring. I can’t think of a more perfect collaborator for this song.”

On October 13th 'Circles,' featuring Gabrielle Aplin was released as a second single in anticipation of the album release. Passenger says: “I love this song. It has always been a really special one for me. And now even more so thanks to the addition of Gabrielle Aplin`s beautiful voice.”

Passenger vividly remembers writing 'Let Her Go': “It was early 2011, and I was out on a regional tour of Australia playing tiny rooms to a handful of people each night. I remember walking into a venue dressing room, picking up my guitar, and playing the opening riff like I’d written it years ago like I’d played it before. Like it had always been there. I don’t think I’ve had many other moments like that.”

 “A massive part of the song's success is down to Ed Sheeran. If he hadn’t have taken me around the world as his opening act in the year leading up to the song blowing up, then it simply wouldn’t have happened. So, when it came to rerecording this song, there was only ever going to be one person that I’d want to duet on it. I’m sure some people will see this collaboration and assume that it’s for commercial opportunity and of course they’re right - it’s no bad thing to have one of the biggest stars in the world sing on one of my songs!! But like the other three collaborators on this album, there is a genuine and undeniable link that he has had to Passenger over the years and to this song in particular.”

All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition) - Tracklist:

    1. Things That Stop You Dreaming.
    2. Let Her Go (feat. Ed Sheeran).
    3. Staring At The Stars.
    4. All The Little Lights.
    5. The Wrong Direction.
    6. Circles (feat. Gabrielle Aplin).
    7. Keep On Walking.
    8. Patient Love.
    9. Life’s For The Living (feat. Foy Vance).
    10. Holes.
    11. Feather On The Clyde (feat. Nina Nesbitt).

12 to 22 – Acoustic versions of the trackslist.



OUT NOW: listen here:

Passenger feat Ed Sheeran “Let Her Go.” below!

Passenger feat Foy Vance “Life`s For The Living.” (Anniversary Edition)

Passenger feat Gabrielle Aplin “Circles.” (Anniversary Edition)

View the album launch show at Union Chapel in London

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About Passenger

A multi-award winning, platinum-selling singer-songwriter, although still known for his busking, made the journey from street corners to stadiums with 'Let Her Go', which reached number 1 in 19 countries, has now notched more than six billion streams globally, and is the 2nd most Shazamed song of all time.
Yet ‘Let Her Go’ is just one song from a catalogue that extends across 15 albums in 14 years.
The consistency of his output and his authenticity both on and off stage have won Passenger a global fanbase, and he continues to tour the world, headlining some of its most famous stages.


Passenger - All The Little Lights Anniversary Edition

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