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All This For Nothing - 'Idle Man'

Progressive Punk Unit All This For Nothing Release Powerful New Single 'Idle Man'

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 13 October 2023 07:21

Today, All This For Nothing, the dynamic and genre-defying progressive punk outfit, is set to shake the foundations of the music scene by releasing their latest single, Idle Man on Mongrel Records. The track, a raw and introspective exploration of existential boredom and the pursuit of meaning promises to captivate listeners with its unapologetic sound and thought-provoking narrative.

The song tells the story of a man trying to find stimulation in the stories of other people in a bar. He realizes that people’s lives are pretty mundane and because he finds no entertainment in them, he reverts back to 'idle' behaviour to fill the gap. The song's message resonates with the universal struggle to break free from monotony and find purpose in a world that often feels disenchanted.

When asked about the inspiration for the track, Chani, the band's enigmatic vocalist says, "Idle Man was inspired by the feeling of hopelessness and existential boredom. It is a feeling that I think everyone has dealt with in some form or another." Guitarist Paul adds, "At the beginning, I thought we were writing about someone else, but more and more I realized so much of myself was in the character being sung about. The idle man waiting for society to change. Less a judgment on society as an understanding that true change starts with the self, and that’s all we actually share as a society - a mutual ability to change."

Reflecting on the songwriting process, Chani shares, "Paul and Jacques had these crazy guitar ideas, but it took me some time to come up with a concept for the song. I had a few lines that I loved but I had no idea what to say. The writing was frustrating, and it made me hate the song until I showed my best friend the few lines that I had, and she said it sounded like a person in a bar, drinking alone, speaking to random people. After that, the words came so effortlessly. If it was not for her, Idle Man would not be the beast of the song it is today."

The pre-production and recording of the track were done at Paul’s Asylum Studios in Pretoria, with the mix and master done by Scott Hallquist, whom the band has been working with for a few years now. Once again, the band brought in a long-time pal and all-around audio wizard - Justin Bernardo. He takes care of the delicate machine that is drum recording. He’s the nicest person and will pull out all the stops to get good tones.

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>> Friday, 13 October 2023 08:54

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All This For Nothing

All This For Nothing

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About All This For Nothing

ATFN is a progressive punk rock band from Pretoria, South Africa. Formed in 1998, the collective has performed extensively across South Africa and has recorded a string of albums and EPs.
Currently signed to Mongrel Records the band is known for their energetic and eclectic releases and live performances. Idle Man is the first single featuring new bassist Waldo Van Der Linde. Waldo also features in fellow label mates Crash and the Void and The Cavalier.


All This For Nothing - Idle Man

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