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Punk Rockers Punkfontein and Meel Team Up For Pop-punk Anthem ‘The Leviathan’

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Punk Rockers Punkfontein and Meel from Indie Rockers Meel Vignetting have teamed up for a sensational collaborative Pop Punk Anthem called ‘The Leviathan’ available on all platforms

By Underground Press

Published Friday, 03 March 2023 08:14

In late 2022, Punkfontein started with the concept and planned to ask Meel to collaborate after playing a show together. Surprisingly, without mentioning anything yet, Meel reached out to Punkfontein asking to collaborate. The stars quickly aligned, and within a week they started work. The process went smoothly, with everyone knowing what they had to do. After several iterations, they scheduled a session at KVD Studios in Randfontein, where Stevie Bester worked as the Recording Engineer. It was then sent to Byron Muller from the Audio Nebula for mixing and Westenhaus for mastering.

Gareth Meyer (Punkfontein Guitar & Vocals) shares; “I wrote the initial music for this song about 3 years ago, and I’ve been sitting on the idea, waiting for the right moment. This song came straight to mind when the opportunity to collaborate with Meel materialised.”

Hugene Koekemoer (Punkfontein Bass & Vocals) adds; “After completing the bass idea, I started working on the verses, humming melodies until I found something that might work, then filling the sounds with words. There is a moment where your mind runs through your words, and at that time it was relevant, as everyone has challenges that they need to deal with. It is essential to always keep in mind ‘this too shall pass’! It’s something that has kept me going and never failed me before.

Meel comments that “Playing on the lyrical line ‘With our monsters we are always being hunted’, I thought of the Leviathan as a metaphorical monster, relating to how I sometimes feel like I’m drowning in my ‘challenges’, and how I’ve always wished that I could fly away from all of it, like Mary Poppins with her umbrella. My favourite line in the song is ‘Fight forever to right our wrongs’. That’s probably one of the most important things in life to me, to face consequences and right my wrongs!  From the moment I heard Hugene’s lyrics, I connected with them, and it inspired me to write my parts. The moment Gareth added that line, it was magic! This song is more than just a song, to me … it’s an anthem! And I hope it will connect with our listeners the same way it did us.”

The bands also pay homage with their cover artwork to the legendary 'Tragic Kingdom' from No Doubt. Meel shares, "We initially wanted a visualisation of a Leviathan for our cover art but felt it might be a bit harsh. Being huge fans of Blink 182 and No Doubt, we were initially planning a tribute show during our recording process, then decided to pay homage with our cover art to the classic and timeless album Tragic Kingdom from No Doubt. We all have such a positive and fond connection to this album from a time when music like this sculpted us!”

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  • Punk Rock

About Punkfontein

Punkfontein is a Punk Rock quartet hailing from the western outskirts of Gauteng in South Africa. Formed by a lifelong friendship spanning well over a decade. their music comes from a post-teenage angst era and boasts a message of inspiration and positivity. They have a fun and free writing style based on stories, experiences and tragedies endured and overcome.

Meel Vignetting

  • Indie Rock

About Meel Vignetting

Meel fronts the South African four-piece Indie Rock Band Meel Vignetting. Their music takes listeners on a rocking journey through life's most challenging and most beautiful adventures, exploring art through self, and defining the self through art. Meel has been playing the guitar since the age of six, singing since eight, and writing original music since about twelve. She feels music is the only way to truly express herself without question. As an introvert, getting on stage is one of the scariest things on earth, but she loves the challenge of letting go on stage, and every time outgrows the challenge. Music moves within her like blood through her veins. If her ordinary self was Bruce Wayne, Meel Vignetting would be her Batman.