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South African Heavy Metal Titans DEADLINE Release New Album VITRIOL INC

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 05 May 2023 08:40

The pioneers of the ‘New Wave of South African Heavy Metal’ are back with their 3rd album Vitriol Inc. Deadline openly bows down to the grandeur of 80s Thrash, Power Metal, Heavy Metal and on occasion even Sleaze Rock, as they march with intent and pride. 'Vitriol Inc' is undoubtedly their most daring release yet!

Metal Hammer rated the single for Vitriol as one of the 'Best New Metal Songs You Need To Hear For The Week' on 14 April, and also hailed Deadline in 2022 as one of the ‘10 African Metal Bands Challenging Heavy Metal’. Media channel Huck also named Deadline as one of the 'African Metal Bands You Have To Hear'.

Leading up to this album release, Deadline released 4 power singles and videos for 'Cult Of Prometheus', 'Monuments', 'My Sweet Apocalypse', and 'Vitriol'. Deadline will be playing tracks from 'Vitriol Inc' live at their album launch shows at Woodstock Brewery in Cape Town on Friday 26 May with special guests The Fallen Prophets, and Railways Cafe Centurion on Friday 2 June with special guests Human Nebula and Middle Grounds. Deadline will also be shredding the 2nd edition of the Untertage Metal Festival on Sunday 7 May.

'Vitriol Inc' Album Track Listing
  1. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
  2. Vitriol
  3. Cult Of Prometheus
  4. Synthetic Illusions
  5. My Sweet Apocalypse
  6. Codebreaker
  7. Ghost Of Kyiv
  8. Exhale
  9. Devil In Disguise
  10. Monuments
Music Videos From 'Vitriol Inc'

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>> Thursday, 04 May 2023 15:30

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About Deadline

From choosing a band name taken from a Testament song to wearing their beautifully crafted battle jackets emblazoned with the names of their favourite heavy metal bands, the quintet is hellbent on bringing the nostalgia, exuberance, and bloodthirsty passion of the 80s without necessarily pigeonholing themselves in one sole genre.
Formed in Pretoria, South Africa in 2014, Deadline played their first show at a friend’s house party on 7 March 2015 and have not looked back since. 2 albums and an EP later, they have become the fore runners of the Old School Heavy Metal sound in South Africa which they have dubbed the “New Wave of South African Heavy Metal”. With 6 South African Metal Music Awards to their name, a dedicated fanbase who dub themselves the “Deadline Heavy Metal Crew” and an energetic, passionate live show second only to their heroes Iron Maiden, they march with intent and pride towards the release of their 3rd album, “Vitriol Inc” that will undoubtedly be their most daring release yet.
Led by the effervescent, high-flying Frontman Jessy Switchblade, Deadline have undergone a few core changes during the pandemic, but have now solidified their lineup around guitarists Judge Mental and The Skullprit (the last original member along with Jessy), bassist Damian Dread and percussionist and back up vocalist Wrighteous Mike. The quintet is hellbent on bringing the nostalgia, exuberance, and bloodthirsty passion of the 80s without necessarily pigeonholing themselves in one sole genre. Their music transcends genres, it transcends generations, and it’s an ode to the decade that changed us forever. Sit down in your Lamborghini Countach, strap your seat belt, and let their crashing drums, pulsating bass rhythms, bright neon guitar riffs and screeching vocals take you back to your glorious metallic past!


Deadline - Vitriol Inc