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Ruff Majik Reveals Their New Single ‘She's Still A Goth’

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South African stoner rock cult Ruff Majik releases their first new music since the critically acclaimed 2020 album The Devil’s Cattle.

By Underground Press

Published Friday, 28 October 2022 09:32

Frontman and chief songwriter, Johni Holiday splatters latest single 'She’s Still A Goth' with 80s-tinged goth saturated rock and roll synth-wave. Biting down on a dirty riff and even filthier backbeat, the song includes a doom infused breakdown and highly flammable swagger throughout. The track is the first single from their highly anticipated upcoming album Elektrik Ram, which drops in April 2023.

Johni and his wife's (Anni Buchner of Ale & Cake Illustration) fascination with b-grade horror and gothic imagery has always been influential in the lyrical themes and overall image of the band. When Anni fell in love once more with 80's tinged gothic synthwave during the pandemic, it inspired him to write a tune in ode to her - featuring references to classic gothic imagery whilst still fitting neatly into the realm of Tarantino-esque desert rock.

“It's just a love song. Nothing more, nothing less. Packaged neatly in a ghoulish package…” - Johni Holiday.

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>> Wednesday, 01 February 2023 15:31

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Ruff Majik

Ruff Majik

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About Ruff Majic

Ruff Majik was born in a small town in the middle of nowhere. In this small town, three friends found mutual ground in their love for epic riffs, fantasy and booze. They decided to take on the void, fill it with fuzz, and climb their way out of obscurity. Joining forces with new members to turn a once 3 piece into a 5 piece stoner rock juggernaut. 

Fast-forward a few years and here we are - European tours have been played, festivals have been attended, and boy howdy - parties have been had. 
 So come catch a show. Smoke spliff, obey the riff, and sing along to some melancholy songs.


Ruff Majik - She's Still a Goth

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