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South African Metallic Hardcore Bruisers LOWER HOLLOW Release Crushing Debut Album BLOOM & EXPIRE

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 31 March 2023 08:41

South African 5-Piece Lower Hollow sees the light of somewhat darker times with their debut album Bloom & Expire out today via Mongrel Records. The album is already garnering widespread attention from the media with the likes of GAMES, BRRRAAAINS & A HEAD-BANGING LIFE calling it “a debut album that is as creative as it is crushing.”

Lower Hollow cut their teeth behind closed doors during COVID refining a new sound and a viable source of top-tier intensity and energy. A raw wound grinding against the salt mill, viscous and relentless. Carving a new path through the remnants of broken ideals. The world stood still and watched as we all shifted priorities, some losing everything while others faced indefinite change. An uncertain future; the end of an era.

“Bloom and Expire was a way to express what I felt was wrong with my world and life — cathartically projecting much of my negativity and frustration onto paper. The album touches on many themes from the acceptance of our mortality to depression and fractured relationships I believe it is me coming to terms with Life's fragile and fleeting nature. My only desire is that listeners find some commonality and catharsis in knowing that if they feel anything I’m feeling, they aren't alone in their anger, frustration, and sadness…I guess the overall message of Bloom and Expire is open to interpretation - As they say, it is what it is.” – Estian Smith / Vocals

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>> Thursday, 30 March 2023 16:25

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Lower Hollow

Lower Hollow

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About Lower Hollow

Lower Hollow are a 5-piece South African band hailing from Johannesburg.


Lower Hollow - Bloom & Expire

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