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The Kiffness robbed of equipment in Detroit

The Kiffness Cancels US Show After Being Robbed Twice: 'I Feel Safer In South Africa tbh'

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By Underground Press

Published Wednesday, 08 November 2023 11:35

A South African musician touring the US lost equipment worth almost R100,000 on Monday when thieves broke into his tour van.

David Scott, who goes by the stage name The Kiffness, is renowned for his mashups of viral videos and satirical commentaries. With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Scott boasts a global audience for his musical collaborations with viral stars from all corners of the world, including a cat.

Scott apologized to fans and cancelled the Detroit gig due to a break-in.

“I'm sorry to inform my fans in Detroit that tonight's [Monday] show's been cancelled due to gear being stolen out of our van. Between getting a new van, new equipment, police reports, we don't have enough time to get the show ready,” said Scott on his X account.

Scott appeared on a local news report and explained the incident, stating that he would return to Detroit despite being a victim of crime.

One of Scott's employees was clearing the valuables from his car after a break-in when an unknown man appeared. The man stole the keys to the vehicle and then jumped in through the broken window in an attempt to steal more of Scott's belongings.

“Our merch guy was getting what was left out of the car and someone tried to take the keys from him, but he ran away and called the police,” posted Scott on his X account.

“Luckily they detained him while he was looting the car. Our poor merch guy is in shock. @JoeBiden what's going on?”

Police were called and arrested the suspect.

In response to a tweet telling Scott he should feel at home in the US because he is from South Africa, where crime is also prevalent, Scott replied: “I feel safer in South Africa, tbh...”.

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The Kiffness is an artist from Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. He is well known for his collaborations with interesting people and animals around the world. The project was founded by David Scott in 2011 but gained internet prominence in 2020.