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Vaughn Prangley - Like No Other

Vaughn Prangley Set To Release Unconventional Love Song 'Like No Other' This Friday 3 November

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Indie Alternative Singer-Songwriter Vaughn Prangley will be back with his new single ‘Like No Other’ this Friday 3 November.

By Underground Press

Published Thursday, 02 November 2023 07:48

This will be an unconventional song perfect for fans of artists like Bon Iver, Nick Cave, Band Of Horses, and The National. Like his recent single 'Thick of It', this was again written and produced entirely by himself in his studio.

Vaughn shares that "this song is my unconventional love song and a unique and personal project I crafted in my own studio. It's a departure from the usual love song formula, and I can't wait to see where this song goes. At its core, ‘Like No Other’ is a passionate love song. I wanted the structure, or lack of structure, to mirror the unpredictability and complexity of love itself. Instead of adhering to the typical verse-chorus-bridge format, this song takes a different path. It flows and evolves, just like love does, with no clear-cut boundaries or defined structure.

Vaughn adds, "I had an absolute blast working on all the elements in this track. I wanted heavy emotive electric guitars to set the tone and convey the intensity of the emotions at play. The music became an extension of my feelings, and it was a thrilling experience to explore the depths of love through sound. As the song progresses, it builds in intensity and emotion, much like the journey of falling in love. I enjoyed screaming my lungs out at the end of the song. These raw, unfiltered moments add a layer of authenticity, emphasising the depth of the emotions I'm trying to convey.

Working on 'Like No Other' has been an awesome journey, and I've poured my heart and soul into every note and lyric. The many late nights spent recording and getting creative were so much fun. Now, as I prepare to share 'Like No Other' with the world, I'm filled with excitement. I believe that this song is a representation of who I am as an artist. I hope that the listeners can feel the same emotions that I've tried so hard to portray in the track. This song is an invitation to embark on an emotional journey, and I can't wait for everyone to experience it."

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>> Thursday, 02 November 2023 08:14

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Vaughn Prangley

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About Vaugh Prangley

Vaughn Prangley is an 18-year-old alternative pop sensation from South Africa, steadfastly carving out an exceptional path with his distinctly deep, soulful, and emotionally weathered voice that speaks to maturity beyond his years. As a natural-born singer-songwriter with disciplined roots in classical training, Vaughn has been penning his own songs since the age of thirteen, when he felt the calling to venture outside the norms, break rules, and create a dynamic, self-styled career and unique sound.


Vaughn Prangley - Like No Other

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