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The Kiffness Inspires Hope: Raising Over R600,000 to Aid Rylyn's Lyme Disease Battle

The Kiffness Inspires Hope: Raising Over R600,000 to Aid Rylyn's Lyme Disease Battle

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Discover how The Kiffness rallied support to raise funds for young Rylyn Clark battling Lyme Disease, spreading hope through music.

By Frederic Egersdörfer

Published Tuesday, 09 July 2024 08:12

South African music sensation The Kiffness has once again demonstrated his incredible generosity by rallying support to raise over R600,000 for eight-year-old Rylyn Clark, who is bravely battling Lyme disease. Rylyn, known for his viral rendition of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” has captured hearts worldwide with his resilience and love for music.

David Scott, widely recognised as The Kiffness, has not only amassed a substantial online following through his innovative music but has also earned acclaim for his philanthropic endeavours. Despite occasional controversy, particularly on social media platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter, where his outspoken views often spark debate, Scott's compassion shines through in his charitable contributions. His initiative to support Rylyn highlights the profound impact of music and community solidarity during challenging times.

Rylyn's journey touched millions when he first sang “Three Little Birds” at the age of four, offering solace during the pandemic's uncertainty. Scott, moved by Rylyn's performance, integrated his vocals into a remix, showcasing his support for the young talent.

Now facing a formidable health battle, Rylyn's story has inspired Scott to launch a GoFundMe campaign aimed at covering his extensive medical costs. The response has been overwhelming, with donations pouring in within hours of the campaign's launch. As of July 8th, contributions have surpassed expectations, providing much-needed financial relief for Rylyn and his dedicated caregiver, Maureen.

In a heartfelt message, Scott expressed gratitude to donors, emphasising the profound impact of their support on Rylyn's journey towards recovery. Amidst the uncertainty of treatment outcomes, the outpouring of generosity has brought renewed hope to Rylyn and his family.

Beyond financial aid, Scott has also ensured ongoing support by releasing Rylyn's song on major streaming platforms, aiming to generate continuous revenue for the young artist. With millions of streams and views, the song continues to resonate globally, spreading a message of resilience and optimism.

This heartwarming narrative underscores the power of compassion and solidarity. Through The Kiffness' initiative and the collective support of donors, Rylyn's battle against Lyme disease is met with unwavering optimism: every little thing will be alright.

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>> Tuesday, 09 July 2024 08:12

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The Kiffness is an artist from Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. He is well known for his collaborations with interesting people and animals around the world. The project was founded by David Scott in 2011 but gained internet prominence in 2020.


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