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We Kill Cowboys Drop Explosive New Single 'Fuck You'

We Kill Cowboys Drop Explosive New Single 'Fuck You'

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Cape Town's Rock ‘n Roll Mavericks Unleash Anthemic Track and Announce Powerful New Line-Up

By Underground Press

Published Friday, 21 June 2024 09:48

We Kill Cowboys, the 4-piece rock 'n roll powerhouse from Cape Town, have just released their incendiary new single 'Fuck You' via Mongrel Records. Emerging from the creative genius of renowned tattoo artist and singer-songwriter Alex Muller, the band's electrifying sound is an intoxicating blend of psychedelic rock, punk rock, grunge, and stoner blues.

Fronted by the mesmerizing and raw vocals of Alex Muller, We Kill Cowboys boldly tackle anti-establishment themes with their thought-provoking lyricism, inviting listeners into a world of gritty, sultry narratives. Muller’s delivery adds an irresistible edge to the sonic experience, supported by the thunderous beats of longtime drummer Andrew Middelkoop, the powerful riffs of new guitarist Mornay Carstens, and the return of original bassist Miggs Auer.

Commenting on the new single, Alex Muller states, “Not much needs to be said about it. It's that singular moment when the light goes on and it all becomes clear. You're done with bullshitting yourself, you're done with being bullshitted. Life, relationships, politicians... that moment you decide to let it go and face the truth. There's always hope and sometimes our own mind can be the biggest cage... let it go.”

Regarding the revamped line-up, Muller adds, “Jono and Danie left for personal reasons, all the best to them. We're super stoked to have long-time friend and Cowboys OG Miggs back on the bass and it's been amazing to welcome our good mate Mornay on lead guitar. The band sounds heavier, and we can't wait to start writing and we're even more amped to get back on stage!”

Unapologetically driven by a desire to shake the core of the music scene, We Kill Cowboys is a force to be reckoned with. Their live performances are a relentless surge of energy, an immersive journey that cranks the amplifiers to the max, leaving audiences' ears ringing and minds reeling. Prepare to have your senses ignited as We Kill Cowboys deliver a musical experience that both blows ear holes and expands horizons.


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>> Friday, 21 June 2024 09:48

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We Kill Cowboys

We Kill Cowboys

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We Kill Cowboys - Fuck You

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