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Review: Francois Van Coke – 'Moontlik Nooit'

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We Took a long listen to Francois Van Coke's self-titled album, Francois Van Coke, ‘Moontlik Nooit’, and had this to say about it.

By Frederic Egersdörfer

Published Wednesday, 29 April 2015 16:22

Afrikaans music has a future in South Africa and it starts with Francois Van Coke.

Now, I am not one for Afrikaans music, the last time I really listened to Afrikaans music and actually enjoyed it, I was 5 years old. I was very big into David Kramer and some old sokkie.

Later, as the years passed.

Afrikaans music never appealed to me as much as the alternative scene and since most of that was mostly English and very much British, I delved deeply into Alternative Rock, Goth, and mostly my fav. Depeche Mode.

Getting back to South Africa. I'm finally settling into our true South African roots. Local music is growing at a steady pace and Afrikaans is quickly catching up.

The demand is huge and the talent is out there, with bands like Bittereinder, Fok of Polisiekar, Jack Parow and more.

Francois Van Coke truly sets the standards and proves that there truly is hope out there for S.A musicians.

The debut Album truly is a unique piece of work, and ironically, I noticed a note out of "Moontlik Nooit" and I was hooked. Moontlik Nooit, is certainly possible. This song sounded something like the tune from Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down Again"

Apart from that obvious similarity, and slight coincidence, not planned I'm sure. The professional standard of the album truly is worth every penny.

The songs are very melodic, catchy and I am sure you will relate to each song as I have. The songs are great for road trips, you can sing along, as I surely tried, stumbling over Afrikaans words helplessly. You are certain to be entertained throughout the entire album.

"By die huis" "Toe vind ek jou" and "Ek Weet Nie" were really well written and I had a great time trying to kill the tunes on repeat.

Certainly, something you can dance to.

So don't give up S.A. You all need to take a page out of Francois's book and realise that hard work and dedication go a long way.

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Contemporary Rock, Francois Van Coke

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Francois Van Coke

Francois Van Coke

  • Contemporary Rock

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About Francois Van Coke

Francois Badenhorst, better known by his stage name Francois Van Coke, rose to fame as the frontman of South African rock bands Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel. On 8 April 2015, Francois launched his self-titled debut solo album and kicked his solo career into gear with the release of – 'Toe Vind Ek Jou' featuring Karen Zoid.
It was the first Afrikaans album and single to simultaneously jump to number one position on the South African iTunes Store. The song was downloaded more than 20,000 times on iTunes, achieving Platinum status as a single. The music video for 'Toe Vind Ek Jou' was viewed over a million times within six-month and was announced as the biggest Afrikaans music video of 2015. His second album, Hierdie is die Lewe followed in 2017 and in 2018 he released a collab-EP, Francois van Coke en Vriende featuring collaborations with Die Heuwels Fantasties, Early B, Laudo Liebenberg and Jack Parow.
The first season of his TV show, Die Van Coke Show, aired in 2018. His third solo album, Dagdrome in Suburbia, was released in October 2019. He has a daughter named Alex, age 4–5, and an infant boy.


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