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Stone Jets are the most exciting, most happening band, currently gracing the local scene. Having already shared stages with Hugh Masekela and Majozi, with their eclectic style of music, these musicians are destined for greatness, and it shows.

By Jenny Calder

Published Thursday, 03 August 2017 07:21

The fresh honest sounds from this band make them one of the hottest acts currently working the local scene.

Stone Jets formed in 2014 when Given Nkanyane (vox and bass) was recording some of his songs in a studio where Manfred Klose (guitars) worked as the session guitarist in 2013. It was not until 2014 that they formed the band Stone Jets. The meaning of the name came from wanting to fly as high as jets while remaining as grounded as stone. Quite prophetic as they soar with their unique sound and yet remain one of the hardest working, humblest bands currently on the scene. They are organized, which makes them a pleasure to work with both administratively and musically. Their success and rising stardom are not accidental, these guys worked hard for it.

The 'What I Say' EP follows closely after their success with the single release of  'Hurricane' (feat DJ Invizable) in 2015, and their previous EP 'RIVER' which was released in 2014. Co-produced, engineered and mixed by Sunset Recording’s Jürgen von Wechmar and mastered by Rogan Kelsey of Kelsey Mastering.

The band describes their genre as an ever-evolving afro/pop/rock. There is some soulful bluesy stuff there as well, making it a combination of good listening and trippy dance music.

'Something Good'

The lyrics: "Give me something for the fall, - Sometimes I cry so many faces on the wall going crazy on the phone, - You said that I have been in hiding for so long getting tired of these calls..." Leave a message at the tone followed by the catchy chorus. "Give me something for the fall - Sometimes I cry so many faces on the wall going crazy on the phone/You said that I have been in hiding for so long getting tired of these calls." Leave a message at the tone followed by the chorus of "You keep pulling harder I just play along - I sit and wonder we had something good - we had something nice - we had something good." delivered by the upbeat catchy dance inspiring rhythm and Given’s inimitable vocals on 'Something Good', make it a sweet sorrowful song. It makes me want to turn up the volume and press repeat.

Second up is the title track 'What I Say'.  Leah Blem created the quirky animated video. While it’s great to have such creativity on video, with Stone Jets it would’ve been better to have a live recording of them performing because nothing beats the beautiful infectious smile of Given as eloquently delivers a note for note perfectly with Manfred strumming some mean indie-kwêla guitar lines guitar beats.

'Feeling Good' is an afro/pop/rock melancholic song that reflects on the past, recognizing where they have come from, perhaps reflecting the angst of two very talented artists on the brink of fame. After an even-tempered pace that seems to be going nowhere, it finally breaks into a decent rhythm that cuts into the sound that is more melancholic again. This is my least favourite song of the album. 

Fourth, down, 'Take a Look at Me' sends shivers down my spine and adds goose bumps where goose bumps should never be. I have not heard any song as beautiful as this in the longest time. Music, rhythm, compilation, production, just everything is so perfect in this song.

'Hurricane' is a pop/dance song that tells of abandonment on the corner of a parking lot, and about being rescued and shown love. Lively dance beat song.

'Imagine' is the sixth song in the EP and although delivered in an upbeat pop tempo, it speaks of a sadness that can’t be shaken in the lyrics When days go dark/Can’t get this feeling/I can’t get this feeling/Cause I can’t imagine I can’t imagine right now/Right now without you. Manfred’s guitar intro is scintillating and provocative, beautifully balanced with the base of Given.

'Telegraph' with its sad lyrics and emotive vocals from Given and gentle guitar work from Manfred, at a much slower pace, rounding off this compilation in perfect style.

This is a must-have compilation that you will not regret owning. It is a well-rounded beautifully balanced production that the band has clearly given a lot of thought to as well as carefully honing their skills to this end. It is not hard to see why they are such a hot favourite on the local scene. If you get the chance to see them live, grab it, because these up and coming stars could easily soar right past you if you hesitate.


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Stone Jets

Stone Jets

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About Stone Jets

Take actual feel-good music and wrap it in some rhythmic soul, together with meaning and sincerity at its core. Without a doubt, Stone Jets is where it is at if not the next big thing. Given and Manfred better known as Stone Jets have been slowly crafting their distinct yet familiar sound. Gaining fans where ever the musical journey has taken them; London, Berlin, Madrid or Czech, Stone Jets maintains appeal and they are poised to take the industry by surprise. A lot can be said about Given’s vivid voice and in equal measures Manfred’s guided guitar prowess but the fusion of the two, together with a simple yet substantial melodic songwriting style and strong live performances, makes them a formidable force on the verge of eruption.


Album design credit: Adriaan Diedericks

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