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Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance - Dangerous Games

| Opinion

By Underground Press

Published Thursday, 10 August 2017 10:26

I’d seen the original Lord of the Dance 10 years ago and found it so stunning that I went back for two more shows.  I still remember all those years ago, how mesmerized I was with the music, the dancing and the energy the show produced.

I suppose it’s mostly rare for a sequel to provide as much allure as an original, and in this vein, the Dangerous Games episode was no different. Don’t get me wrong though, it was a thoroughly enjoyable performance and the new slightly modernised touch was wonderful to watch but maybe I held too much expectation of old….

What was however thoroughly disappointing was Grand Arena’s hosting of the event and I do think that Big Concerts could’ve done a far better job at selecting a suitable venue.  Firstly the two step authentication of tickets created a lengthy delay resulting in the late seating of many and a late start to the show itself. Fake tickets are a reality and efforts to stamp out this is a necessity, but for the love of money, warn your patrons! Secondly, the seating was terrible! Computicket’s representation of the seating blocks in relation to the stage was inaccurate, to say the least. More importantly, though, elevation was really poor and those sitting on the fringes had to put up with views obscured by the metal railings. 

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