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The Importance of Soundtrack in Cinema


By Ronald Ross

Published Wednesday, 25 March 2020 09:16

Many ingredients make a movie hit or flop such as good script, actors, the director and so on. The list of ingredients is incomplete without a good soundtrack.

Yes, a movie’s soundtrack is one of its most important aspects which can turn a simple film into a blockbuster. Hence, we can say that the soundtrack is the soul of the movie. The importance of soundtrack can be realized by the fact that movies had background music even in the era of silent films.

In recent years, a film’s soundtrack has become an important element in making films. A well-crafted soundtrack is essential in the creation of a film. This important aspect cannot be ignored or taken for granted to achieve the desired box office results.

Thus, today’s filmmakers spend a great deal of time selecting their soundtracks. As music can tell the story and explain the plot, filmmakers use it very carefully to build the tone and mood of a film. Also, music is used to expose feelings of characters, actions, tensions, and even horror.

Music can create a convincing atmosphere for the situation and can turn a good film into a great one. We cannot imagine our favourite classic movies without an inspiring soundtrack.

Without the soundtrack, it would be very difficult to portray the emotional ups and downs of a film, scare the audience in a horror scene, and help the audience relate much better with the emotions being portrayed on screen.

On the other hand, the rousing soundtrack can not only make a scene more interesting, but it also connects the audience to the characters and their situations.

A good movie incorporates different kinds of music, and the background score is one of them. Background music in a film is used to introduce themes and communicate with the audience. The score can be usually heard in the background of a scene, or sometimes it takes a central position in an action sequence.

The most common style of background music is instrumental because soundtracks with lyrics can distract the audience from the intended storyline or dialogue.

However, it is not uncommon for filmmakers to use songs from professional musicians or even rap artists. An appropriate background score guides the audience and invokes the emotions behind the scene.

To understand the importance of background music just turn down the volume on your television while watching a horror movie and then you’ll realize that the fear factor is completely missing.

The type of musical instruments used in a scene can help to create the plot. For example, the soothing sound of a sitar can invoke the images of India and the voice of bagpipes may take you to the misty green fields of Scotland.

On the other hand, using Baroque-style music is used to set a scene in the 18th century. Similarly, the sound of heavy drums and horns in a movie can give you the idea that the theme of the scene is based on war.

The type and tempo of the soundtrack being played as background music allow the audience to know about the theme of the movie. It helps viewers to understand the plot. Thus, filmmakers create specific musical signatures or theme music for different characters, situations or places.

They use theme music to enhance the ambience and foreshadow different elements of the plot. For example, the opening theme song for each of the Bond films which has become as iconic as the character of Bond himself.

A cleverly inserted soundtrack in a scene soothes the soul and makes the scene a lot more interesting and entertaining. Next time, try paying more attention to the soundtrack while watching a movie. In this process, you might come to know about some new music artists and some amazing music genres.

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