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Why uShaka is Not a Suitable Venue For a Party

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uShaka recently proposed an event, titled ‘Club 6 Feet Under’ - The Event is scheduled to take place on 26 October 2018.

By Frederic Egersdörfer

Published Saturday, 13 October 2018 14:47

That said, it leaves us with many questions as to why a Marine Facility would be left with such drastic decisions on catering for an event that has absolutely nothing to do with marine conservation and everything to do with alcohol-consuming adults being entertained in the deck of a shipwreck surrounded by common marine life. You heard me right. Fish, Sharks, starfish or echinoderm and sea anemones also classified under Actiniaria.

Many of these inhabitants of the aquarium are in fact sensitive to sound and lighting, hence why the aquarium’s lighting is set so low.

Introduce strobes and low-frequency noises and we have a problem.

Remember as children we are taught not to knock on the glass in aquariums or even our fishtanks at home. It’s rather sad these days that the aquariums today don’t even have these warning signs up, yet people fail to understand that sound and lighting can play a damaging role in marine life.

When selecting a suitable venue, we have to consider certain factors.

  1. Location

  • Usually in an abandoned warehouse if the music is going to be loud and most likely affect neighbours or in an industrial area near local nightlife venues that cater to noise factors. Many venues are happy to work with you if you ask!

  1. Parking

  • Parking is always a good thing to have, a car guard or secure parking. Paid parking is okay, as long as you are prepared to pay extra for the hours your car stands out in the parking.

  1. Acoustics

  • Honestly, an aquarium does not hold the right, safe environment for its local inhabitants, so how does uShaka propose protecting its marine life when sound can travel through glass and underwater faster and louder than in air.

  • Sound travels and sponge absorbs echo and not sound, Glass reflects sounds and often amplifies it through, water. Think of yourself dunking your head underwater in your tub and banging on your bath. Hear the difference now with your head outside of the water.

  1. Lighting

  • Once again, glass also reflects lighting and this can affect the short and long-term health of the inhabitants of an aquarium.

A quick online search lead to Quora and this is what we found in the discussion forum.


Don’t be fooled, when we say an Aquarium is a poorly planned venue for an event such as this, we speak the truth and we say, bad form on uShaka lying to the public and how exactly do they plan to manage and monitor the health of their local inhabitants at the aquarium?

With so many venues to choose from and since uShaka is a public entity and belongs to the city, why did uShaka not opt for a more suitable venue?

Why expose their local inhabitants to such extreme noise pollution when even in nature they are affected by passing by ships and sonar disturbances. Even Fracking is known to irritate Whales, Dolphins and Sharks.

We stress this to all of you, loud noise and strobes stress marine life and can kill them. Is this truly an event one should be having in the interest of conservation?

Some of our sources included are as follows.

Please sign this petition against the use of this facility for a party venue!

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>> Monday, 03 October 2022 22:10

uShaka, Club 6 Feet Under

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