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Hidden Gems 2020

| Hidden Gems

By Russell Miller

Published Friday, 01 January 2021 10:46

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Album Gem

Don’t call it a comeback…well, ok you can call it a comeback. Hiatuses are always difficult for fans of artists, but they’re no walk in the park for the artist’s themselves. Some try to reinvent themselves in an effort to chase musical trends, some chase ghosts of their past success, and some wind up not knowing how they should return and end up releasing a mess. SILENTIUM did none of the above with their 2020 return to action in the form of Motiva. Clocking in at a modest nine tracks of sensational symphonic metal, there is zero evidence that this band took twelve years off between releases. This was a statement release in more ways than one as it showcases the band’s maturation musically and lyrically. Where past releases might have been one-note or cliché for the genre, Motiva pushes boundaries and erases any doubt fans might have had in what the band had left in the tank.

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