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Hidden Gems 2020

| Hidden Gems

By Russell Miller

Published Friday, 01 January 2021 10:46

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Honourable Mentions

This year we’re going to spread the love with some honourable mentions. Below are some other artists we think are worth checking out!

CECE VEE: (South Africa) Why pick one instrument when you can play them all and sing your heart out with a voice so full of emotion that even tears cry? Listen to her reinvent pop as only she can! 

MEDICINE BOY: (Germany/South Africa) These veterans of psychedelic rock released their final album as a duo back in in the spring and it was everything their fans could ever hope for. Listen to the smoky-intimate ‘Alina’ here!

DÖ: (Finland) Metal does not get much darker, or more massive than this. There are some delicious riffs out there in space so let these galactic metallers showed you the way earlier this year!

THE FISMITS: (South Africa) Rumours of indie rock’s demise were premature. These guys bring it back to the garage with some seriously rocking tunes…listen for yourself!


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