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Interview With We Are Charlie

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We recently had the opportunity to send in a few questions to We are Charlie. Our man, Alfonzo got in some interesting questions, speaking of what inspires their writing process and which bands motivate their style.

By Alfonzo Rodriguez

Published Tuesday, 05 June 2018 13:10

You'll be playing at Capital Craft Beer Festival this year. Who handles their beer the best in the band, and who will you keep away from the bar before your show?

At the point, all of us should stay away from the bar. We’ve developed a healthy drinking concern and just one taste sends us spiralling.

If each of you had to take a wild guess, without asking Google, how many bubbles do you think the average Lager beer gives off per minute? In other words, what is the BPM (Bubbles Per Minute) of an average Lager?

Well, Alfonzo, that’s a great question. I’d estimate at about 190 BPM? It’s a good punk song.

Are you craft-beer drinkers? Which styles of beer does each of you prefer, and do you have a favourite local brewery whose beer you enjoy drinking the most?

We dabble with the craft beer menu at bars but we’ll drink whatever’s on tap. This might sound silly but the Soweto Gold Cherry Ale will take us through the weekend.

Give us a bit of background on your latest release, 'Hey Dead Bird'. And what kind of bird are you referring to?

'Hey Dead Bird'. is mainly a way for us to step away from our previous sound an is used as a tool to help us transition into a new sound. It’s a little raw and was also a test run at recording live, which went great. It’s meaning is a little darker and I think it was a dead dove that we saw when the name was first said.

How do you write songs, who writes the lyrics and the melodies, and what inspires you to write songs?

Lately, anguish, stress and disappointment inspire me (us). You’re never really proud of the love song lyrics, but you are proud of the lyrics that feel like you’ve said too much and make you feel a little embarrassed. I think Izaac Brock said that.

Your releases come with interesting cover designs, who normally designs them, or do you get different designers to design them?

For the most part, Rudolph does the designs, Dylan has done one, but we’ve worked with a lot of amazing designers. If they’re weird we’ll find them.

Your sound is reminiscent of local acts like Desmond and the Tutus, are there any new acts coming up who inspire you to take it to the next level?

Runaway Nuns and Julia Robert. Have you heard of the Arctic Monkeys?

What's next for, We Are Charlie, any big tours planned up ahead, some new releases?

We’re writing now. We’ve actually been writing since last year and will probably only be done at the end of this year, but it is exciting. We’ll tour on and off. SA is so small you don’t really need to put together a big tour. You can play all the major cities and still be able to fly home for the 8 o’clock movie.

If you could open for any band, irrespective of whether they still perform or not, who would it be?

Tough one Alfonzo. The Cure, probably.

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We Are Charlie

We Are Charlie

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About We Are Charlie

We Are Charlie (WAC) are an Indie Rock trio from Pretoria, South Africa. The band formed in late 2013. Dylan (lead singer/guitarist) met Wesley Reinecke (drummer) in high school. The two have been making music together since 2008. After years exploration in the music scene they found a home in the sound of Indie and that’s when WAC was conceived. Rudolph de Villiers (bassist) joined the band in mid-2016 to further-enrich the notion of the WAC sound.

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