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Angolan Death 'n Rollers KISHI Release The Video For Bludgeoning New Single 'Dead Lost Rumbled'

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'Dead Lost Rumbled' is the new single from Angolan metal tyrants Kishi taken from their new EP Khaos which releases on the 17th of February 2023 via Mongrel Records (digital) and Nightfear Records (CD).

By Underground Press

Published Monday, 06 February 2023 10:18

Formed in October 2017 by Bruno Braz (Guitar), Hugo Domingos (Bass), Yannick Merino (Drums) and Mankav (Vocals).  The band’s sound is an amalgamation of metal, stoner rock, doom, and death metal.

"Dead lost Rumbled" is inspired by episodes of sleep paralysis that I've been experiencing for a few years, At first it haunted me every night, I was afraid to sleep, I felt paralyzed, I had a lot of difficulty breathing, I couldn't speak, I had blurred vision, as if I was trapped inside my own body, and it all ended after hearing some kind of rumble, this experience is metal as fuck, so I told my bandmates what I've been experiencing and we started writing the song” – Mankav, vocals.

In December 2017, they surprised the public by introducing the band with the release of two singles, 'Pina' and 'Kianda'. Thus began the band's journey into the rock scene in Angola, with their first live performance taking place in May 2018 at Moonfest in Luanda.

In 2018, under the guidance of Mauro Almeida, the band recorded eight songs for the album Depois da Meia Noite at Estúdio Rádio Vial, in Luanda. The band later took over the editing and mixing of the songs with mastering being handled by Brad Boatright, from Studio Audiosiege (Sleep, Obituary, Code Orange).

This album was highly acclaimed in the international specialized media, on sites such as Audioinferno Whiplash.Net, 666MrDoom, Portal do Inferno, amongst others.

The track 'Get Stoned' was chosen to be the first official single and video off the album Depois da Meia Noite. The second music video 'Balada de um Mwadié' was recorded by the band during a trip, that took them to play at Metal Conquest Namibia at the venue Warehouse Theater, Windhoek (Namibia) and Overthrust WinterMania Metal Fest 2019 in Ganzhi (Botswana).

Ending 2019 with participation in the 9th edition of the mythical Huambo rock festival ORLEI (Angola). This would be the band's last concert with the drummer Yannick Merino.

After Merino's departure, the band went on hiatus in 2020. The covid and the global crisis slowed down the band's progress but inspired the next steps. In mid-2021, Kishi began the process of recording the EP Khaos, produced once again by Hugo Domingos and Bruno Braz and mastered by Brad Boatright. Completed in November 2022, it will be released on the 17th February 2023 with the South African label Mongrel Records and Portuguese Nightfear Records.

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>> Monday, 06 February 2023 10:18

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About Kishi

Kishi is an Angolan Stoner Rock / Doom Metal band formed in October 2017 by Bruno Braz (Guitar) Manel Kavalera (Voice), Hugo Domingos (Bass) and Yanick Merino (Drums).
The band has a studio album “Além da Meia Noite” released in December 2019 and physically edited in January 2020 with the partnership of Angolan and Portuguese publishers Cube Records and Nightfear Records respectively.


Kishi - Dead Lost Rumbled

Kishi - KHAOS

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