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On Display

OnDisplay, Unveils Powerful Debut Single and Lyric Video 'Stuck'

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South African Electronic Rock / Post Hardcore Duo Unveils Powerful Debut Single and Lyric Video

By Underground Press

Published Tuesday, 03 October 2023 08:21

OnDisplay, the formidable electronic rock and post-hardcore duo, unveiled their soul-stirring debut release, 'Stuck'. Comprising of vocalist and guitarist Ryan Kopman and drummer Greg Groothedde, the band has harnessed their unique musical identities to craft a compelling fusion of melodic rock and metalcore, accentuated with a touch of screamo.

Born from a shared passion for music, Ryan and Greg bring a wealth of experience and creativity honed through their individual musical journeys. The convergence of these two exceptional talents has given birth to a sound that is both powerful and deeply emotive.

Stuck, is a poignant exploration of the complexities of love and self-awareness. The song delves into the labyrinthine nature of relationships and the pitfalls that await when we lose sight of ourselves. It speaks to the vulnerability we experience when we allow others to infiltrate our hearts and minds to the point where we lose our own identity.

The guys share their thoughts on "Stuck," stating, "When We are not self-aware, we make it really easy for others to corrupt our space and our minds to the point where we lose our identity. This song is about being trapped in situations that we are too absorbed in to realise the damage it causes us. As if our voice has been silenced and we are powerless to break free until we can untangle from the mess we're in.."

Accompanying the release of Stuck is a visually arresting lyric video that brings the song's emotional depth to life. The video adds a visual dimension to the lyrical narrative, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the profound message that On Display seeks to convey.


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>> Tuesday, 12 December 2023 09:40

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About On Display

OnDisplay is a powerful electronic rock and post-hardcore duo formed by vocalist and guitarist Ryan Kopman and drummer Greg Groothedde. Their distinctive fusion of melodic rock and metalcore, infused with elements of screamo, sets them apart in the music world.
Following the release of their debut track 'Soothe' earlier in 2023, the band continues to captivate audiences and convey meaningful messages through their music.


OnDisplay - Stuck

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