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Crash And The Void

Pretoria's Own Crash And The Void Drops The Villain Single and Epic Music Video

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 10 November 2023 08:45

Prepare to embark on a sonic journey through the cosmos as Pretoria-based, South African heavy alternative cosmic rock sensation, Crash and The Void, unveils their latest creation: 'The Villain'. This genre-defying single, coupled with a visually stunning music video, promises to captivate audiences worldwide with its unique blend of cosmic soundscapes and thought-provoking themes. The track is taken from their self-titled debut album set to drop in early 2024.

Inspired by the profound philosophies of political thinker Hannah Arendt and the controversial concept of “moral relativism”, The Villain delves into the depths of moral relativism, drawing further inspiration from the profound works of Friedrich Nietzsche. The track challenges preconceived notions of villainy, offering a satirical take on the archetype by portraying the antagonist as sly, banal, and calculated – a far cry from the conventional, over-the-top depictions.

The Villain narrates the story of a determined go-getter, navigating a world teeming with individuals driven by bad circumstances and chance. The character, portrayed with an unexpected relatability, struggles to sow chaos and disorder. Despite failing to achieve the intended mayhem, the Villain's resilience and perseverance make him an unexpectedly endearing and relatable figure.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song vocalist, guitarist and chief songwriter Marius Schutte says, “I tried to write a song that combines classic rock tropes with film score elements usually associated with Villains and bad guys, combining the two sounds left me with the basic building blocks of The Villain. The chord changes make you feel like a super-villain executing your master plan to secure world domination.”

Video Credits

  • Written and Directed by Crashtin Voidantino
  • Assistant Director - Edzard Grimbeek
  • Director of Photography - Cameron Raine Blake
  • Assistant Director of Photography - Jason Knell
  • Make-up artist - Juane Dames
  • Assistant Editor - Juane Dames
  • The Villain - Pieter Erasmus
  • The Junkie Punk - Edzard Grimbeek
  • The Cyber Weapons Dealer - Mia Van Karavan
  • The Thug - Rico Niezen

Special Thanks:

  • Deon Oosthuizen
  • Jean Du Toit
  • Lumar Schutte
  • Vetkoek Maleis
  • Stephanie Wallis

Updated on:
>> Thursday, 16 November 2023 07:33

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About Crash And The Void

Crash and the Void is an experimental heavy rock band from Pretoria, South Africa. Founded in 2019, the quartet consists of two brothers: Marius Schutte on lead vocals (also boasting a music theory degree) and brother Lumar Schutte, a highly decorated session drummer.
Completing the lineup is Waldo Van Der Linde on guitar + lead, and Dillon Van Heerden on bass guitar (and sound engineering). Crash & The Void’s collective influence ranges from Hans Zimmer to Black Sabbath. The band infuse balls-to-the-wall rock and roll with B-grade horror/sci-fi genres.


Crash and the Void - The Villian

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