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Zeitgeist Zero Announce Indiegogo Campaign For New Album

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Zeitgeist Zero are hard at work putting together the final pieces for their fourth album, titled, Meddling With The Forces.

By Frederic Egersdörfer

Published Thursday, 25 May 2023 12:38

Zeitgeist Zero are excited to release the much-awaitedMeddling With The Forcestheir fourth full-length album. 

The newest release by Zeitgeist Zero is a dark, intensely musical experience that combines electronic and alternative rock components to produce a distinctive and alluring sound. The band has created an album full of interesting and captivating songs that will keep you hooked from beginning to end, from powerful riffs to soaring vocal harmonies. The album's lyrics delve deeply into sinister and enigmatic themes while retaining a positive attitude throughout. 

"With its mix of heavy guitars, driving rhythms, and haunting melodies, we have endeavoured to create an album that will le have a lasting impact on your soul."

Zeitgeist Zero has conjured a CD digipack with a sinister aspect for the album's release. The fold-out lyric page doubles as a functional Ouija board with an esoteric CD planchette, and the full-colour gatefold contains some eerie secrets. In order for you to "Meddle with the Forces," You can add your name in this font as one of the Coven (executive producers) credited in the CD lyric foldout for the ultimate ZeitGhoul. Along with a selection of stickers and badges, we will also be selling exclusive ZeitGhoul t-shirt and hoodie designs with an Ouija theme to supporters.

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>> Thursday, 25 May 2023 12:42

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Zeitgeist Zero

Zeitgeist Zero

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About Zeitgeist Zero

Industrial goth fused with powerful vocals and gritty electronics. Zeitgeist Zero is an independent Leeds-based band that has toured throughout the UK and Europe. Their sound is a combination of heavy guitars and industrial electronics. Their unique music and dark style have received favourable press coverage, including BBC Radio 6, Sonic Seducer and Devolution.
The band has built up a loyal following leading to festival appearances at Infest, Wave Gotik Treffen and Whitby Goth Weekend. Their take on goth tends towards the heavier side and combines with a Deborah Harry/Shirley Manson-like vocal. However, the vocal’s pop melodic sensibilities contrast with the lyric’s darker themes.


Zeitgeist Zero - Meddling With The Forces

About 'Meddling With The Verses'

Meddling With The Verses looks at the lyrical meaning behind our songs. Of course, everyone has their own interpretation of lyrics and what they mean. But with this series on our YouTube channel, you can find the real story behind each track. We begin by looking at Go To Hell, the first song on our album Meddling With The Forces.