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Zeitgeist Zero Release New Single and Video ‘Plastic Diamonds’

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Juggernauts of the UK goth scene Zeitgeist Zero release a new single and music video for the song ‘Plastic Diamonds’ from their highly anticipated 4th album Meddling With The Forces.

By Underground Press

Published Tuesday, 03 May 2022 07:03

‘Plastic Diamonds’ is a song about the perils and pitfalls of fame. After all, a gilded cage is still a cage. The pop melodic sensibilities of the vocals add contrast to the darker themes of the lyrics and the music features heavy guitar riffing layered over darkwave synths and pounding drums that is Zeitgeist Zero’s signature sound. Lead singer Teresa was inspired to write the lyrics after reading an article about reality TV stars. It described the devastating impact that fame had upon them and especially during their subsequent struggle to return to normal life when the show ends and the media interest has evaporated. In many cases, this has led to severe depression and, in some cases, even suicide.

The music video was directed and edited by Teresa, who is also a graduate filmmaker. It was shot over the space of two years due to shooting restrictions and delays caused by the global pandemic.

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>> Thursday, 25 May 2023 12:40

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Zeitgeist Zero

Zeitgeist Zero

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  • Industrial Goth

About Zeitgeist Zero

Industrial goth fused with powerful vocals and gritty electronics. Zeitgeist Zero is an independent Leeds-based band that has toured throughout the UK and Europe. Their sound is a combination of heavy guitars and industrial electronics. Their unique music and dark style have received favourable press coverage, including BBC Radio 6, Sonic Seducer and Devolution.
The band has built up a loyal following leading to festival appearances at Infest, Wave Gotik Treffen and Whitby Goth Weekend. Their take on goth tends towards the heavier side and combines with a Deborah Harry/Shirley Manson like vocal. However, the vocal’s pop melodic sensibilities contrast the lyric’s darker themes.


Zeitgeist Zero 'Plastic Diamonds'

About 'Plastic Diamonds'

Promo video for the second single from Zeitgeist Zero’s highly anticipated 4th album 'Meddling With The Forces.' ‘Plastic Diamonds’ is a song about the perils and pitfalls of fame. After all a gilded cage is still a cage...

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