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Katy Perry – Witness The Tour

| Editorial

She’s a character called Katy Perry!

By Tarryne Rautenbach

Published Thursday, 14 June 2018 11:30

The no-nonsense-girl-next-door who’s made her own documentary, the realist to shake things up, and the superhuman you want to meet. She’s love and light and all fireworks!

With bated breath, the time has arrived for the Katy Cats to see their star at work on her WITNESS TOUR next month from 18 to 21 July at the Ticket Pro Dome in Johannesburg with support acts THE DOLLS (a DJ’ing act) and ELLE B, Katy’s lead backup singer. Be prepared for a show stopper to remember!

Her music expresses her own thoughts and opinions from subjects of the taboo, love, politics and the unknown. She loves the cultural expression and uses her platform to encourage young people to have their own "point of view and perspective" of the world.

Katy describes her music as not just Neapolitan strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, it’s mint and chips too! There’s a flavour for everyone.

Who knows, maybe she will add some South African heritage vibe to her shows after she experiences a taste of the African continent?

Katy Cats will undoubtedly feel like they have just woken up in Vegas with a show that is rated out of this world! Katy will continuously reinvent herself with larger than life props, vivacious and energetic choreography and costume changes during the set list. I bet it’s going to take few shipping containers to get her rig here. Every photographer’s visual dream to capture.

Whilst ticket sales have left some SA’s families broke, saving every cent and others heart sore because of costs involved to see a show of this proportion, it’s worth eating jam sandwiches for the next few weeks.

Some tickets are still available, but not for long! The opening show takes place on a school night, so ensure you get your coffee fix the following morning!

The biggest pop sparkler ever brought to South Africa. Another Big Concerts experience!

See it three times if you have to! Witness the tour!

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>> Thursday, 13 October 2022 10:41

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