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UP Exclusive: Getting Caught Up With Josh Middleton


By Liny Kruger

Published Friday, 08 May 2020 15:08

After a sold-out European Tour, and an incredibly successful debut album, Josh Middleton at the young age of 17 is back with a fresh new sound and his best music release yet – 'Caught Up' his new single off his upcoming second studio album 'A Mild Case of Insomnia' produced by South African Music Award-winning producer, Crighton Goodwill, set to be released later this year. Showcases maturity in not only his incredible and rich vocals but his lyrics and sound too.

Paired with this release is a one-shot music video directed by world-renown underwater photographer Ilse Moore who also captured the majestic album artwork for 'A Mild Case of Insomnia'. The music video was shot by Willem Viljoen and Canadian videographer Johannes A. Schoutsen who has worked on multiple international Netflix original series.

The music video for Caught Up was shot at the peaceful Vaal Dam in South Africa which proved to be a beautiful setting to carry the theme of water from the images of Josh underwater in his album artwork. The calm water contrasting against Josh dressed in a bright-coloured suit is synonymous with the contrast of his dynamic vocals against the simple yet impactful instrumental production.

Moore and her team spent 2 days on set with Josh to get the continuous shot they were looking for. Bad weather proved to be a big challenge, and they ended up walking miles through the Vaal dam, and in Josh’s own words “Getting nailed by rain, wind, and waves”. Luckily, they managed to get the shot the day before South Africa’s national lockdown was announced.

Now that the first single off his album has been released, Josh looks forward to hearing how his followers receive it and are preparing for the follow-up releases off the album and live shows once the live entertainment scene is safe enough to return to. He hopes to do another international tour as well as a local tour to promote the album and connect with is much-loved followers.

Josh Middleton is only 17 and has already achieved great success and growth. However, this is only the beginning of what looks to be an extremely fruitful career for this young superstar.

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