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Review: Glory Fades – 'Everything Is Lost'

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By Russell Miller

Published Tuesday, 30 October 2018 07:13

Angst, anger, scorn, longing; emotions that were a mainstay of an early to mid-2000s (as well as its revival a decade later) movement that brought forth acts such as BRAND NEW, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, WEEZER and the like. While the subject matter isn’t a one-to-one ratio, the energy and sentiment are with ‘Everything is Lost’, the latest offering from alt-rockers GLORY FADES. The wave of nostalgic resuscitation that has reinvigorated mainstream appeal in many genres has not spared what has at times been affectionately termed “emo” or “pop-rock”. GLORY FADES has been at this since their debut with ‘Late in the Day’ back in 2017 and look to continue their journey into the heart of every millennial longing for a return to the days of yore.

Hailing from Wolverhampton, England the five-piece has a remarkably noticeable American emo hard-core aesthetic on the surface. Each song features riffs that work, drums that provide enough “oomph” and “pizzazz” to keep things interesting, and vocals that do well to bring everything together. Underneath the hood, the band touches on the cliché emo subject such as heartbreak and all things bleak for much of the album.

That said, there are some highlights on this record that warrant giving the band a few, repeat listens. ‘Growing Apart’ which features guest vocalist Amy Wyatt is a step away from what the album serves up with its very power chorus and silky chorused clean guitar licks. The high-energy ‘Angels with Filthy Souls’ not only features some of the strongest vocal melodies but also a rather strong commentary relating a certain world superpower and its “leader” who shall remain nameless.

There is not much in this record that hasn’t been done before, but it is executed well enough to be infectious and surprisingly “earworm” worthy. One thing is for sure, the energy much of these songs contain is tailor-made for the gig experience. There is no way that the entire not be found mouthing the entirety to ‘18 Years’ and that is all GLORY FADES needs for this album to be worth a listen.

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Alternative Rock


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Glory Fades

Glory Fades

  • Alternative Rock

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About Glory Fades

Glory Fades are an Alternative rock band from Wolverhampton, England. The band specialise in infectious rock tunes that burrow their way into your cerebral cortex and stay the hell there.
The band's debut EP 'Late in the Day', released summer of 2017, received acclaim from critics and fans alike. EP Two, on which the band push their sound further, has just been unleashed in October 2018. Titled "Everything is Lost", the 6 track collection is the fruits of the busy writing, gigging and recording period for the band.


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