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There is something about a band that knows how to keep your ears glued.

By Frederic Egersdörfer

Published Thursday, 15 August 2019 09:06

South Africa is reaching for the stars with new talent, GO THE RODEO. Who unleashed their debut album, Lekker Chilled’. 

Right they are, ‘Lekker Chilled’ is what it is, and GO THE RODEO pull off their debut album as professional musicians without hesitation they set fire to our living rooms with this heavily enriched bouquet of tunes.

Their unique sound is easily recognizable as you notice their influences, like, ‘Smoke Me Like A Cigarette’ with the first chords sounding oh, so familiar. 

'Devil on My Shoulder' is one of my favourites, yet I can’t help but feel disappointed at the end as you suddenly feel hanging in the air with nothing to hold onto. Hearing the last of the lyrics, “I’ve got the devil on my shoulder, She keeps my head above the water”. With the abrupt ending, I feel there could have been more.

Recovering well in, ‘Sea Dog’ you find yourself gently eased into this song, almost as if you are the one floating in the ocean.

'Smoke Me Like A Cigarette’ lights up the airwaves and surrounds your ears with synthpop lyrics that certainly lends a tune or two from somewhere, (You decide!). Yet Go The Rodeo are definitely going somewhere with this. 

‘Vultures’ echoes in as the next track and cuts lose all boundaries as this chilled single plays through your bones.

‘Glass Walls’ plays on, still keeping the vibes chilled and plays with your imagination at times

My next favourite track off this album is. ‘Give me Black’ which vibrates through my soul and temps a repeat playback. I thoroughly enjoyed how Go The Rodeo arranged this one. 

Hitting a slightly harder rock sound, ‘Fringe’ keeps you bobbing your head until the chorus transports you over the edge as the second final single, ‘Never C Ur Face Again’ keeping the rhythm going and infecting your eardrums with their high energy, Go The Rodeo never have a dull moment.

Ending their ‘Lekker Chilled’ debut album with, ‘A Little Much’ you are gently eased into another familiar setting as Go The Rodeo keeps you enthralled and totally satisfied in the audio realm.

’Lekker Chilled' is an all-round masterpiece, perfect for long drives or even chilled evenings around a fire.

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Go The Rodeo

Go The Rodeo

  • Synth Rock

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About Go The Rodeo

Go The Rodeo is a synth-rock band from the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Their current lineup consists of Corne van Niekerk (vocals, guitar) and Craig Atkinson (drums).
Their sound is a unique blend of indie rock, pop, and rock influences, with electronic elements inspired by the likes of Twenty One Pilots, Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, Tame Impala, Enter Shikari, and Bring me the Horizon.


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