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Review: Jodie Reid - 'Celtic Commotion'

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Jodie Reid’s 'Celtic Commotion' sweeps us off to a magical world brimming with magic and fantasy.

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Friday, 08 May 2020 06:51

Jodie Reid’s latest album 'Celtic Commotion' provides a whimsical journey to a medieval world filled with magic and fantasy.

While her roots are distinctly South African – having been born in Johannesburg and studying at Campus of the Performing Arts – 'Celtic Commotion', as the name suggests, is decadently wrapped in the sounds of Irish folk music.

With a sound that harks back to a time when bards would entertain ale-filled revellers with tales of monsters and men, Reid spins fantastic and extraordinary stories, some of which can be applied to our modern world and some which satisfy our need for fictional escape.

'Woodfell' is a mournful number that describes the hopelessness of a world where without trees. With moments of passion here and there, this dirge paints a bleak, grey picture of the effects of the insatiable greed of humanity.

Haunting melodies define 'The Joker’s Justice', a tale as old as time that speaks of corruption and power abuse that leaves an innocent man hanged as a tyrannical king gloats from his golden throne.

It’s in songs like 'The Cloaked Man', in which a mysterious man with a dagger finds redemption in the arms of a fair maiden, and 'Dungeons and Dragons', an epic tale of good vs evil, that Reid’s story-telling abilities come into their own.

'Celtic Commotion' is an album that shows Reid’s exceptional understanding of a style of music that’s usually reserved for medieval-themed movies and series.

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Jodie Reid

Jodie Reid

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About Jodie Reid

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa; Jodie Reid has established herself as one of the most unusual singer-songwriters known to humans. With an enthusiasm for penguins and all things natural; she has released a diverse selection of songs with subjects ranging from volcanos to bed bugs and everything in between.


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