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Review: The Man Motels - 'That's Crazy Baby'

| Single

'That’s Crazy Baby!' by The Man Motels is a mile-a-minute sonic assault filled with irresistible punk-rock energy.

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Sunday, 13 October 2019 07:27

The first single since 2018’s 'Quit Looking At Me' is raw and fuelled by rage. Garrith Holloway’s voice crackles with anger from the beginning as he tells his ex to get the f**k out of his life.

His sentiments are backed up by the rest of the band as they deliver a sonic onslaught that might blast holes in your ear-drums if you let the volume get too high. The bass and drums are the power of the song, driving it as it shifts from seventh gear down to third and then right back up again while the rapid-fire guitar adds a hint of menace, keeping the song on the edge of a full-blown manic episode during those seventh gear sections.

Raucous and unbridled, 'That’s Crazy Baby!' is a four-minute roller-coaster ride that’ll have your blood pounding, your bones rattling, and your ears wanting more and more.



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Alternative Punk, The Man Motels

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The Man Motels

The Man Motels

  • Alternative Punk

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About The Man Motels

With influences ranging from Pixies and Nirvana to Violent Soho, The Man Motels are anything but tame. 
 Members Garrith, Lyle and Pierre complete the trio’s explosive line-up emanating pure grit, power and attitude with primary focus on maximum energy live, and maximum authenticity on record. A strategy that’s paid dividends for the trio in recent years. 

“The Man Motels’ EP, Intimate Enemy, channels a primal rage few other artists manage to tap into” - Texx and the City. 
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